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Maternity Services Reprocurement Exercise Statement

Contracts for the provision of NHS services such as community midwifery care are awarded by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s), either as part of larger packages of care such as with NHS Trust hospitals or with specialist organisations such as One to One. These contracts are normally awarded on a three year basis and most are subject to a competitive tender process to ensure that they are awarded to the most capable provider.
One to One have been providing our community midwife led services to the NHS for 9 years and have been through a number of tender exercises to achieve and maintain our NHS contract. Our current contract had the option for a one year extension which is due to end on the 31st March 2020. In anticipation of this, the CCGs have notified us that the process to re-procure the Caseloading ‘Continuity of Carer’ model of midwifery services has now begun in the Cheshire & Merseyside region.
One to One is committed to ensuring that women in your area continue to have the ability to choose from a range of safe, high quality midwifery service providers and will be engaging fully with the re-procurement exercise with a view to continuing our midwifery care in your area beyond March 2020.
Part of our engagement with your CCG requires us to notify you of these activities and to inform you of the outcome of the re-procurement process. One to One will notify all of our service users of the outcome of the procurement and if One to One are not successful, we will inform you immediately with the options that become available to you.
As the CCG is commissioning the same service, to deliver continuity of carer, the aim is to ensure that you will continue to receive safe midwife led care under this model. This is regardless of who the contract is awarded to. If the current arrangement changes or One to One is not awarded the contract, there is a chance that you will be asked to transfer care to another NHS provider of your choice.

North East Essex

The service that we provide in Essex is commissioned on a “non-contracted activity” basis under the terms of our NHS contract in Cheshire & Mersey. North East Essex CCG have indicated that they will be assessing the future of this arrangement beyond March 2020.
If you are unsure if our service covers your area please contact us on the below enquiry form.
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