The experience I have had with One to One has been absolutely amazing.

My midwife, Emma Siddle has been outstanding from the word go and I can’t thank her enough for her constant support, advice and general patience. Since day one of meeting Emma, it was clear I was in good hands and her sense of humour meant that no question was a silly one – believe me, I’ve tested it.

The only downside of One to One is that you can’t have your midwife with you if you opt to give birth in the hospital. This was something I was always dead set on before meeting my midwife. However, after getting to know Emma and researching/discussing the benefits of a homebirth, I was seriously considering having my baby at home!

Unfortunately, as with many things in life, my birthing ‘plan’ didn’t quite go how I intended. Due to some difficulties, I had to go to hospital to be induced and eventually have an emergency caesarean. Nonetheless, it meant that I was able to experience hospital midwives too, and even though they were still amazing, it didn’t compare to how well I was looked after by Emma.

The level of care I received from Emma since giving birth has also been fantastic. She has been there to provide invaluable support, sensible answers to my otherwise ridiculous worries and even a shoulder to cry on when I first experienced the baby blues! I will be devastated when I am finally discharged from One to One because the care I have received throughout – whether it’s Emma, the MaMA who visited (Rachel) or the antenatal class that was run by Kim – has led me to believe that I wasn’t just another mum-to-be on a conveyor belt of other pregnant women.

It’s clear that from what I have experienced as well as what I have heard from friends who have also gone with One to One that this is a community of midwives who constantly go above and beyond what is required to ensure the needs of all their women and babies are met.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me throughout this extremely emotional, yet amazing journey. However, I would like to thank Emma in particular – you have been amazing from beginning to end and I will 100% be asking for you again when it’s time for baby number 2.

Love Heidi, Ryan and baby Gracie x