5 years ago, I gave birth to my daughter Amelia at hospital. My birth story was pretty much how you imagine labour to be like. Drugs, stuck on bed with wires and monitors beeping, drips to help keep you hydrated, hormone drip to speed up the labour progress, and about 5 people all shouting to push, and having an instrumental delivery. The NHS were amazing and did what they needed to at the time when I laboured with Amelia.

Both me and dad felt we had no control or involvement in the decisions made, so when we found out we were expecting with our second child we were all so excited to become a family of 4. We referred to One to One who were recommended to us by my friend and hairdresser. They raved about how amazing they were and the care they received was astonishing.

We were looked after by Kim Burns she was amazing and every appointment she would ask Amelia if she would like to help her check mummy and baby’s heartbeat. We would always look forward to Kim’s next visit she felt like a family member.

Kim asked us where we would like to labour, and at the time we had not considered a home birth. When Kim explained our options home birth being one of them. I was intrigued to find out more, I started to read other people’s successful birth stories and did some research realising how safe it was to labour at home I knew I wanted a home birth. My partner Ronnie was not keen on the idea “you have to go to hospital to have a baby”. When Kim came for her next appointment, we discussed home-birthing and hypnobirthing, she gave us the confidence and support we needed especially Ronnie. We did lots of research that following night and we both agreed to give a homebirth a go. So, we booked onto a hyponbirthing course.

Wow wow wow!! We loved the hyponbirthing course. We had more understanding about choices, the process of labouring and how our bodies and mind work. Every night we would listen to my hyponbirthing list I had created and practice relaxing and breathing. I felt so relaxed throughout the whole pregnancy.

Unfortunately, Kim had to sign us off as she was going on maternity. We were worried when Kim handed us over to Vicky only because I was 38 weeks and it was so close to my due date, but it was just nerves, because as soon as we meet Vicky we loved her!. She just fitted in and it felt like she had been our midwife from the start of our One to One journey with Kim. We were very lucky to have two such lovely midwives looking after us.

My due date was arriving, and I was getting more nervous. “When would I know I was in labour?”, “when should I ring Vicky?”. Vicky always knew the right things to say so I felt reassured and confident by the end of our appointment. Vicky and I discussed a sweep and I agreed to one at 40 weeks 2 days.

When I had reached 40+1 weeks, I had my second sweep booked in. Vicky discussed booking an induction which I agreed to but hoped I would not need to have one. Thursday evening at 6pm I was starting to feel regular contractions which were very mild. I thought “I’ve got this”. We went for a walk to the Chinese for tea then went and had a bath before Amelia got back from her Nanna’s. We carried on with our usual bed time routine by this point I had put the tens machine on. Once Amelia was in bed, we phoned my mother in-law and she came straight over very excited. I phoned Vicky about 9.30 to make her aware of my progress. Vicky asked if I was ok and coping which I was and felt so relaxed. Ronnie rang Vicky back when I felt the contractions becoming stronger but manageable with my tens machine and breathing techniques. When Vicky arrived at 00.45am She checked and timed my contractions as we all watched celebrity juice! My mother in law said “I’ve never seen anyone so calm while in labour” as we were all laughing together. Vicky examined me because we were so unsure of the progress because again, I was so calm and just using my hyponbirthing and tens machine. I was still able to make conversation.

To our surprise I was 5-6cm dilated.

At 4.30am. Everything was going just as I wanted and imagined. My daughter in bed, calm and relaxed environment. Vicky decided to stay and advised me to try get some rest.

At 6.40am Vicky called her buddy Ellie to come and take over while Vicky went and got some sleep. I had heard a lot about Ellie but never got to meet her and she was so lovey!

Morning had come around fast and Amelia got picked up for school, she came in and gave me a kiss while I was in the pool her little face was so excited knowing her little brother or sister will be waiting to meet her after school.

At 7.35 I started to get a little more uncomfortable with the contractions and asked for gas and air. Vicky returned around 9 to join Ellie, around 10.30am I had the urge to push and felt George baring down but I could feel my body becoming tired. I just kept thinking “my baby was going to be here soon, and I’ll know if we have a girl or boy” I just kept going and going!! I didn’t want to go to hospital, so I knew I needed to find that last bit of energy to birth my baby. 11.30am Debbie arrived for some fresh eyes she gave me some words of wisdom and by 11.37 I delivered the head but unfortunately, he had turned and his shoulder became stuck. From this point it’s all really a blur for me and all I can say to describe this scary time is the midwives were absolutely amazing and helped to deliver my baby boy safely. George Ronnie Fowler was born at 11.45 weighing a whopping 9lb 10oz!!. He was born healthy with no issues from the delivery and did not need to be transferred.

Reading my story, you may think that it was a long time and the delivery sounds scary, but I can honestly say it was the best experience I have ever been through. Hyponbirthing techniques helped me so much to stay in control and calm, if I’m calm so is my baby. I was scared when George became stuck, but the midwives knew what they were doing and they were all amazing!!! I can’t praise them enough for their support. After George was born the midwives stayed with us for a few hours and then left us to enjoy our bundle of joy. When Amelia came home, we all got into bed with pizza and had movie night with George in his basket next to us. It really was just perfect and what we wanted.

After having a home birth and being under the care of One to One Midwives both me, dad and big sister can say the whole pregnancy and birth was such a journey we will never forget and a story that will never fail to prove how strong us women really are!!