I first heard of One to One Midwives from a poster in a local coffee shop. I had just found out that I was pregnant with our second child.

When I registered many people had had the same idea and the service was oversubscribed. For the next seven months I continued with the standard midwife care until luckily there was a space with One to One and I was assigned to Donna.

The change in the experience was amazing. Donna came to my home for antenatal checks including blood work which was fantastic as I was working and looking after a toddler which made visits to the doctors very difficult. She also rearranged appointments so that my husband could attend, this was really above and beyond what we could’ve hoped for. We had planned a home birth but were completely unprepared for the speed that Jessica arrived.

Two and a half weeks before my due date she arrived at 3:30 am after an intense 45 minute labour. Donna was attending another birth so her lovely buddy Naomi came out. Jessica was born before Naomi arrived but she was available on the phone and had arranged back up in the form of paramedics. Luckily everything was fine and when she had checked me and Jessica she helped tidy up and left us having tea, toast and cuddles in bed.

The after care has been fantastic and Donna’s last visit was a sad day. I would recommend this service to everyone and wish I had been aware of it when pregnant with my first daughter.