At my first appointment I met my wonderful midwife, Kim, in my own home at a time that was suitable for me.

Alex (my husband) and I weren’t sure of dates, but Kim said we’d get a better idea at my first scan. My pregnancy journey was such a special time and as I neared closer to my due date of 24th November, we completed a hypnobirthing class which was delivered by Kim.

During the class we practised some of the meditations and I felt an overwhelming bond and closeness to my baby different to that of before.

We watched a beautiful homebirth and it was then I realised that homebirth could be an option us. Once the class was over I spoke to Kim and said that was what I wanted: to give birth in my own home, naturally without intervention in a calm and relaxed environment. For us, it felt like the right decision, but we decided not to tell anyone to avoid any unnecessary worries.

A few weeks before the birth, I spoke to a Doctor about a few pains I was having in my legs and was strongly advised not to give birth at home or naturally. I was beyond upset, I’d worked so hard to mentally prepare myself for a natural birth and for it to be at home. I spoke to Kim who was fantastic in reassuring me that it was still a possibility and to remain positive and swiftly sent me for a second opinion as my due date was imminent. Much to my delight, Kim was right, and I was still able to prepare for birthing at home. My due date came and went and instead of being fed up waiting, my excitement grew.

Finally, 10 days after my due date without any intervention my waters broke at home. I phoned Kim who had predicted with Amanda, our amazing MaMA, that I would be calling as it was a super moon and someone was bound to give birth. That just so happened to be me! She arrived shortly after for a quick antenatal appointment. By the time she left, I was already zoning out and focusing on my breathing and visualisations as I’d been working so hard at since the hypnobirthing class. My labour grew with intensity and before long I found myself telling my husband to inflate the pool. Whilst I waited, I got in the shower to fill the bath at the same time and listened to the playlist we’d spent so much time compiling full of our favourite songs. During hypnobirthing and after, Kim always told me to trust my body and instinct and that I would know what to do. I hadn’t realised how strong that instinct would be and it dawned on me that I could feel my labour changing. It was at this point I thought it was time to ask Kim to come back.

Kim arrived much to my relief and reassured me that the labour felt so intense because of the speed it was progressing. I remember thinking I needed to go to hospital, but Kim helped me focus and think about what I truly wanted, for this I am so thankful. I climbed in to the pool and relaxed trusting my body and instinct. When I felt the urge to push I did, when I didn’t I relaxed, ate and chatted. Emma, another wonderful midwife, arrived and was holding my hand throughout the whole labour. Soon after Kim told me she could see our babies head. With a few more pushes our baby arrived. Alex was able to pass her up to me and tell me that our baby was in fact a girl.

Lyra Alice Jones was born at 3:26am on Monday 4th December, seven and half hours after my waters broke. The moment we met her was the most magical and special moment of our lives. Words can’t describe the overwhelming emotions you feel when you meet your baby. We cuddled in the pool and only when I was ready did we get out and move to the sofa where I fed and had a cup of tea. I was able to get comfy and relax in my lounge before going to bed with Alex and Lyra after thanking Kim, Emma and Sophie, another fantastic midwife who took the most wonderful photographs.

Kim was the most magnificent support throughout my pregnancy and birth. Without her support and wise words, the birth I wanted wouldn’t have been possible. For that I am forever grateful.