After spending a week of my nursing placement with the One to One Midwives I knew I wanted the personalised care I had witnessed during my third pregnancy. My first two labours hadn’t gone to plan and left me feeling out of control. So when I switched my care at 12 weeks to One to One and my amazing midwife Tom got in contact I made it clear I wanted things my way. To which he replied “ok”. And that is exactly what happened.

I wanted to avoid hospital at all costs, all my appointment took place at home and even my GTT was done out of hospital. All my appointments fitted around my nursing placements and around my other children. It was fab!!

I wanted to have my baby at home, in the pool, with me in total control. So as the big day got closer and all the preparations were made, Tom reassured me things would be fine. I had taken part in the hypnobirthing class so felt ready myself.

When my waters broke at 2am on the 9th of July I felt in control and completely relaxed. I got some more sleep and got up with my other children in the morning. Nothing much happened until lunchtime when the children had left the house, my husband and I went for a walk. When we got back my contractions were coming 2/10. I rang Tom who would arrive in 30 minutes. The pool was filled and I got in about 3:00. Tom arrived soon after and was instantly reassuring. For an hour my contractions remained 2/10 so I got out of the pool. Tom stayed with me despite me not being in established labour. After walking around sitting on the birthing ball and holding onto my husband my surges began to get stronger although still 2/10. At around 5:45 I got back into the pool. Then at 6:00 I said “F***! These are really bad now”. Tom said, “Well you have dropped the f bomb now which means your having a baby!”

At 6:11 my baby boy entered the world. The second midwife hadn’t yet arrived and Tom didn’t even have his delivery pack out! My placenta came 5 minutes later and after the cord had stopped pulsating my husband cut it. Elle arrived shortly after for the clean up. I was showered and got into my own bed. I was assisted with the initial latch on and left to sleep at 10pm. I was left elated. I did it, no intervention, no hospital, my way.

Now 3 weeks later the after care has been amazing, although not really needed, my boy is so calm and so easy and breastfeeding has been a dream.

Soon the time will come to say goodbye to Tom and you would think as a newly qualified nurse that I would know better than to get attached to a health professional but I get emotional thinking about saying goodbye (Tom said blame the breastfeeding!). So thank you One to One and thank you to Tom and the other midwives I’ve met who have been absolutely wonderful.