I had my third baby and first home birth with One to One Midwives and can honestly say it was the most perfect birth and everything I ever wanted.

I reached to 41 weeks which was normal for me as both my other two were born in the 42nd week and my midwife Donna came to see me in my own home, which I loved as having two others under three made it much more convenient.

She gave me a sweep at my request and little did I know I awoke with some strong tummy pains around 7am.

As my previous birth was very fast I phoned Donna straight away as I knew baby was coming and my husband and eldest helped to fill the pool as my contractions got stronger. The pool was a godsend and really helped me through the intense last contractions and the pushing stage.

Baby was finally born at 9.10am caught by myself and brought straight to my chest. Donna was amazing did everything I wanted which included a natural cord tie and delayed cord clamping. There was lots of skin to skin whilst the placenta was delivered and as Donna helped me into the bath baby had more skin to skin and first cuddles with his other siblings.

It made such a difference having my own bath to relax in afterwards and to have baby’s first breastfeed after I had changed on my own sofa. I did have a little trouble delivering the placenta as I was uncomfortable and had mild pain but Donna talked me through which made all the difference.

Donna was the best midwife ever and also shared my love for slings and cloth nappies. We enjoyed talking about them and using them with baby on the first few visits after he was born. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and it was so much more relaxing in my own home and my other children were more relaxed considering the big changes that took place in front of them.

I really would recommend One to One Midwives as you have the same midwife throughout your pregnancy and they see you at home, which really made a difference as I felt I was passed from pillar to post with the midwives at my doctors.