Having not seen the same midwife for the first few weeks of my pregnancy we were so grateful to have found One to One. Having Kate (our midwife) as a consistent part of our journey definitely made this day feel like it fell into place.

We were always planning a hospital birth as we’d never been given any other options, so when Kate brought up the idea of a home birth we answered with a firm no way!

But after having a think about it we decided it would be much more relaxing and comforting at home. No stress of wondering if the midwife would have time for us as we were Kate’s priority at all times. I had been under observation from the Consultant due to an existing heart condition and at my final appointment at 39 weeks, she was adamant we needed to have a hospital birth on the doctor’s unit. This made a home birth seem impossible. Needless to say, we were feeling very let down and straight away spoke to Kate. From that moment on Kate did everything in her power to put a home birth into place. She drew up a risk assessment after putting in hours of research into my condition over the weekend. She 100% advocated what we wanted at all times.

As my due date arrived I was given the option of a sweep which I declined. 4 days later at around 9:30pm my contractions started, although I wasn’t entirely sure as a first-time mum, but as time went on I was 100% sure! Kate came to check on us at around 9:30am after a conversation in the night and, although I was convinced I was, I wasn’t in established labour yet. Off she went to get some rest ready for when he was ready to make his appearance. When Kate returned at 3:15pm she found me in the bath shouting for Paul to stop the decorating we’d started the day before and hellllp me! By this time, I was convinced Jacob was going to appear at any second, oh how wrong I was. I then ventured down into the birthing pool which was a welcome relief. Apparently snoring in between contractions by around half 5 I was well on my way, if Kate had a pound for every time she heard me say ‘is he nearly here yet’ and having to say ‘no but you’re doing so well’ she’d be rich! Due to not being able to pass urine I had to vacate the pool (my biggest worry as I was sure I couldn’t handle the pain) after very reluctantly moving up and down the stairs I settled in a position in the doorway as baby’s head started to appear. Throwing the gas & air to the side I put on my game face and was ready to push with help of a back rub and a bit of direction from Tabitha (our second midwife to arrive) and what felt like my own cheerleading squad in Kate and Paul. At 20:11 on the 12th June 2017 our beautiful boy entered the world and we were complete! Weighing 8lb 15oz and coming out with his hand on his head … a feeling I’m sure I’ll never to forget! I cut the cord myself, such an odd feeling.

As baby was put skin to skin with myself the dreaded stitches were mentioned, then I went for gold on the gas and air as they proceeded! This was silly really after not using it for the birth. While the whole day was a complete blur overall these are the bits I remember so well. We are so grateful for the care Kate and all of the team showed us throughout pregnancy, birth and even better seeing the same people afterward, it was so reassuring to see the same faces. When our care came to an end I was absolutely heartbroken to say goodbye to Kate and our MaMA Chrissie. We’ll be seeing you next time … if we can talk Daddy into it!