Our third pregnancy came as a surprise! And was as much trouble then as she is now.

I had a pretty rough pregnancy with awful sickness morning, noon and night for the majority of my pregnancy but all that was forgotten after my second wonderful home birth. I had a caesarean with my first baby.

I went into labour after a long week of false starts and bounced and breathed through tightening’s that became more regular as the afternoon went on. I called my midwife at around 7pm to let her know that I thought we were having a baby that evening and she came out to see us within the hour. After setting up the pool and being checked over we decided it might be a good idea to get some rest and see how the night went.

My midwife Debi lived a good drive away but my friend and student midwife Rachael offered her a bed just in case things progressed more and we were to have a baby that night.

By 10pm I was tucked up in bed listening to my hypnobirthing tracks and trying to get comfortable. That lasted all of half an hour and I decided to get up and have another bounce on my ball. By 11 I had started getting shaky and wanted my husband to call Debi back as I felt like I needed her with us. He called her straight away at which point I was in the pool and she said to give them an hour as she thought I wasn’t progressing as fast as I did.

At 11:15pm I told Mark to call again as I needed the gas and air and was getting a bit panicky. At 11:44 they came back and we started with the gas, and Debi tried to look for the babies heart rate but struggled to find it. I still felt really quite uncomfortable and like I wasn’t coping too well. I remember starting to feel nauseous and knelt up in the pool to get a drink and in doing so felt the baby moving down and the urge to push.

Tildy was born in the water at 00:08 not all that long after the midwives arrived . All in all I think it was noted that I was in established labour for 58 minutes!! I can’t thank my colleagues on the Warrington team enough for the care I received during my pregnancy and birth. I feel honoured to work with such amazingly talented midwives and also I’m proud to call them my friends.