I chose One to One Midwives because I felt with my first daughters birth in 2012 at Liverpool Women’s that it was just a convey belt and I was so scared and had that many midwives during the long three day labour that it was emotional and scary. Plus I got sent home when in labour twice because I was only 2cm dilated then 3cm.

It all ended with forceps and a lot of stitches and the after care was shocking. So when I read about the One to One I was excited to have one to one care with the same midwife all the way through.

At first I was worried, what if I didn’t like the midwife or what If I felt pressured to have a home birth? But that was definitely not the case. When I met Kim, I instantly knew she was going to be amazing and answer any questions I had but most of all I never once felt pressured to have my baby at home. I think I had Kim up the wall with questions! I was such a wimp thinking ahead about the birth, saying I can’t do it at home as I’m such a wimp. If I text Kim with a worry she would contact me straight away and talk to me about my worries and explain it was all ok.

The 9th November 2014 I woke up with dull pains, but just went on with the day as I thought, like with my first, it would be a long 3 days. As the day went on the pains got stronger (but bearable) So I kept Kim in the loop and she told me to time them and contact her if they got closer and stronger. The plan was Kim would come and examine me and I would decide what to do. Kim came around 8pm and at this point I was in my own bath just trying to soothe the pains. Kim examined me in the bath and I was fully dilated which I was shocked at as with my first the pain was a lot worse. So I chose to just go with it at home and seeing Kim there was such a relaxing and safe feeling. (I didn’t put the birth pool up as there was no time).

I started pushing but I had to get out of my bath as was very narrow, so on the floor in the bathroom my beautiful 9lbs 1oz baby girl was born only after a few pushes.

There were moments of panic but I was reassured the whole time so I was totally relaxed. I needed stitches from a tear but Kim and Becky (who came at the very end as it was all so quick) just gave me them at home.

The whole experience was amazing and emotional. I feel like Kim will always have that special home in my thoughts as she delivered my daughter into the world so calmly.

Vivienne is such a calm baby and I really do think this had to do with her birth and the whole labour being so relaxed. I can’t thank Kim enough for what she did for me and kept me calm when I was being a wimp 🙂

All our love Helen Dave Veronica and baby Vivienne xxxx