I gave birth to my little boy Riley William on 9th February 2016. I decided to sign my prenatal care over to One to One after a friend had recommend how great they were, in particular, with mums who were incredibly anxious after a traumatic first delivery (my first son was born by forceps).

I met my midwife Lucy when I was about 16 weeks. Lucy was on the phone within the hour of me signing over my care, booking my first appointment.

The first time we met she must have been at my house a good 2 hours going through everything in fine detail and the first day I met her she made me feel like myself and my unborn baby were the most important thing to her and I knew from that day that I was in great hands.

After the birth of my first son at hospital, my second pregnancy had me incredibly anxious so I was keen not to have a similar experience. For my second I wanted to be in more control and bring my baby into the world the way Mother Nature intended. When a home birth was first brought up, my husband wasn’t at all keen as he found comfort in the fact that doctors are on hand in hospital, should something go wrong. With my first son I’d also suffered a post partum haemorrhage and a few other complications, so hospital seemed the more sensible option. Understandably my husband and I were nervous that history may repeat itself and were keen to avoid it at all costs. However, after lots of talks, guidance and reassurance from my amazing midwife Lucy she got us thinking that a home birth was the best option for us! I can honestly say that I had complete trust in Lucy and trusted her with my own life as well as my unborn baby’s.

Lucy throughout my whole pregnancy gave me nothing but reassurance and made us both feel at ease about everything She even helped to put a few ghosts to rest about the trauma of my eldest sons delivery. Since the day he was born I’ve really struggled to come to terms with it and always felt like I was to blame for the complications and the traumatic way my son was brought into the world. Lucy went through every detail over and over, explaining what had happened and why and reassured me that I hadn’t failed I’d just simply been broken.

I had an appointment with her at home at least once every month if not more so if I had any questions she was always there, drinking all my tea! Even when I didn’t see her she was only a phone call away, at anytime day ot night. Every visit she’d make sure I was happy and never made me feel silly for asking any question no matter how trivial. Each visit didn’t feel clinical in anyway, it was more like a friend coming over for a cup of tea and a good catch up only Lucy asked me to pee on stick too! Lucy made every visit fun and I always would look forward to seeing her each time. She continually reassured my husband and I about everything and I don’t know what I’d of done without her. She was even fantastic with my 3 year old letting him help her take my blood pressure and putting the Doppler on my tummy to listen to babies heart beat. Even my son Lewis loved her coming over.

By the end of my pregnancy and after a course of hypnobirthing, that Lucy had strongly recommended we attend; we were ready for our home birth. By the time my son Riley decided to make an appearance I was simply too calm after the amazing prep and support Lucy had given me that my son popped out (literally!) within 3 hours, just as Lucy walked through the door. I was so well coached and informed that by the time I had contacted Lucy it was too late and baby was on his way out! At no point though did I ever feel scared or frightened because she was there on the end of the phone keeping me calm and reminding me about all we’d talked about. I still got my home birth but it just didn’t go completely to plan. I still wouldn’t have changed it though! It’s an experience I relive every single day and it’s something that has made me stronger. I’m so proud of myself and what I was able to achieve.

I got to have my baby at home, surrounded by my own familiar surroundings and more importantly with my husband and my older son by my side. I wouldn’t have even thought about a home birth let alone birthing alone until I had met Lucy and had the incredible care that One to One have to offer.

The aftercare was also outstanding, my MaMAs Julie and Sammy were on hand before I gave birth and right after. They visited us frequently making sure I was managing, encouraging me and constantly reassuring me that I was doing a great job breastfeeding my son. I’m 6 months in now and still breastfeeding my little boy and there is no way I’d have got this far without the help from my MaMAs. The support they’ve give is invaluable!

After 6 wonderful weeks came the day for Lucy, Sammy and Julie to say goodbye and I can honestly say it was one of the saddest days of my life. One to One have made my journey so wonderful that the day I was discharged I cried, I felt like I was saying goodbye to some very dear friends. My midwife Lucy was everything a midwife should be and I couldn’t of done any of it without her ! I will always hold her close to my heart and will always smile when I think of her. I honestly feel so privileged to have used this service. One to One gave me the knowledge and the confidence to have to natural home birth I wanted and be the mummy I want to be! I only wish I’d of met Lucy 3 years ago when my son Lewis was born, I’m sure my story would of been much different.

Thank you for everything One to One.

Michelle, Dan and Riley William born 9th Feb at 7.25am (ish, forgot to look at the clock!) weighing 8lb 4oz.