I would like to submit a compliment for the care I received during my admission to the One to One service. My apologies that this has taken a little while to write but with a new baby, time has run away with me over the last few months and I wanted to give time and thought when writing down why I found One to One such a valuable service and to submit a compliment for my midwife in particular.

I was referred to One to One at approximately 18 weeks pregnant after the recommendation of a friend. I had not heard of the service before.

After hearing what you could offer, I was particularly keen to make the transition from the local service following an early pregnancy scare; while I had received perfectly adequate care during that time, I wished for continuity of care, improved communication between professionals and access to support as needed given my increased worry about the pregnancy following the scare.

Under the care of One to One and my named midwife Lisa Sheridan, I felt cared for above and beyond what I expected. My husband and I felt that we were respected, that our needs were met and that we were offered all the time needed to talk through any concerns. As a result I began to feel more confident that my birth experience would be positive and I was able to enjoy my pregnancy, a very precious time, knowing that personalised support was just a phone call away. It is difficult to sum up succinctly why One to One has been so valuable, but having received treatment as usual at the beginning of the pregnancy, I can honestly say we felt lucky, privileged and relieved to have your service.

We were given an opportunity to have a midwife, one midwife, walk an important journey with us. We wondered whether we would ever be blessed with the gift of a child and so the pregnancy was a special but scary time. Having just one midwife, Lisa, who supported, reassured and showed great sensitivity to our needs, helped us to trust her completely and to feel confident about the birth.

I firmly believe that One to One care, Lisa in our case with the additional support of Charlotte during Lisa’s leave, without doubt was central to my positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience. Our son was delivered on 29.10.14, exactly as I had hoped for; naturally, in water with minimal intervention.

Thank you One to One for extending your service to our area, for tailoring a service with patients’ needs at the centre of all you do and most importantly, thank you Lisa for being the perfect midwife for us and for helping our little boy arrive safely.