Right from finding out I was pregnant around 5 weeks I have been with One to One!

My fab midwife is Michelle!

Michelle has been there since day one. There has been many times when I was worried about things and Michelle was at the other end of the phone to speak to me when I’ve needed it! Michelle covered everything whilst I was pregnant including the birth of my baby, feeding etc!

When I went into labour Michelle was there right away! As it progressed into the morning my contractions were getting stronger and Michelle came back around 9/10am, my partner set up the pool in our living room a bit earlier, the pool really helped me. Michelle was great the whole time through my labour and made me feel confident about having a home birth. As my labour progressed I kept telling myself I couldn’t do it and this is where Michelle was great. She kept telling me I could and a few hours later I felt the urge to push, a few pushes later our baby boy was born in the pool with some gas and air!

Michelle stayed with us until our baby had his first feed and made sure we were all ok, I am so thankful to the One to One service and Michelle Ryan! Someone I’ll never forget and making my birth the best I could have hoped for! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her! I can’t thank Michelle enough! Xxx