It’s only taken me 8 weeks to send you my story! As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second child I knew I didn’t want to have an experience like I did with my first so I contacted One to One straight away. I am SO glad that I did!

Lucy contacted me to introduce herself and we had a lovely long chat. During the early weeks of pregnancy,  I was very anxious, but Lucy and the One to One team were very reassuring.

I had a couple of early scans to ensure me all was well. Going for the scans was a much nicer experience than the stress of going to hospital. I absolutely loved the way my son was included and involved with every home visit. It’s really helped my boys bond.

Over the weeks of seeing Lucy we chatted about my different options and she always mentioned the benefits of home birth but in my mind there was no way I was having my baby at home. I was so against the idea! After having a rough time in hospital with my first then suffering with PND after, in my mind I thought that’s where I needed to be because I thought it was going to be awful again. Lucy helped me so much to overcome my fears and doubts talked over the pros and cons of everything.

As my due date came closer my bags were packed ready for hospital. I was 9 days overdue when I started my contractions at home. I called to let Lucy know and she reassured me once again and gave me tips on how to make myself a little more comfortable. Later that day Lucy came to see me and assess me. She was so calming and I felt so safe. It also helped my partner to chill out!! As we were talking my waters went, which I didn’t expect this to happen. I went to shower and when I came out my partner was all set to go to the hospital. I wasn’t! I refused to get in the car with him to go, I was staying put. We knew baby wasn’t too far off so Lucy had called for another midwife and also called an ambulance should I want to still go into hospital.

I am so pleased that I had my baby boy at home. It was an amazing experience and all down to having brilliant care and support.

The care from One to One still continued once Ted was born, home visits to check in on us. I want to thank Lucy and the One to One team for all that you have done for us we are so grateful. I am so glad I didn’t follow my initial plan. If I did ever have baby no3 I would have another One to One home birth without a doubt! X