I should of wrote this months ago my baby is now 9 months old.

I heard about One to One midwives from a friend. I rang them and self referred to the service. Cheryl Tomlinson was my midwife.

I had alot of problems during my pregnancy and was under a specialist for benign inter cranial hypertension which means to much fluid and risk of blindness.

From the start Cheryl came to all my appointments supporting me and when they said they thought I would need a C-Section, Cheryl researched the illness and found stories from women all over the world that had normal births.

Cheryl supported me fully during my pregnancy and afterwards. My waters broke at 36 weeks and I ended up in Arrowe Park hospital. Even being induced after 3 days not much was happening and I ended up having a C-Section which did not go very well.

Cheryl, Lauren and a student midwife, Monque were so lovely and supported my wishes at all stages. When the time comes to have another baby I would want Cheryl as my midwife. Cheryl was extremely supportive to my husband John too. Anna + John. Cheryl big hugs and kisses from Lucy Mae xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx