This was my second pregnancy with One to One and I chose to use them again after the brilliant care that I got with my first child who is now 2 years old. I really wanted a home birth with my first but due to medical reasons last minute I was unable to which left me doubting if I wanted a home birth this time.

The wonderful Dawn came to visit me and reminded me of all the reasons why I wanted a home birth and empowered me that I could do it this time as every birth is different.

Kate my midwife made my pregnancy a truly enjoyable experience and she was great with involving my 2 year old in all my check up’s, so much so that he got out his doctors kit every time she came to visit.

So, it came to my due date and there were no signs of baby arriving anytime soon, despite trying everything on ‘the list’ to bring on labour. I decided with Kate to book in for an induction in 11 day’s time just in case baby was too comfy. It came to the day before I was due to be induced and felt a few little twinges but thought not much of it, so I carried on my day like usual and decided to do a bit of gardening with my 2-year-old as it was such a nice sunny day. It was about 1:30 when my mum came over to see me and said that I was having a couple of twinges, so she thought it would be a good idea if my 2-year-old went off with my Dad to give me a rest.

I came inside and sat on my birthing ball just relaxing, watching TV when my contractions started coming so I called Kate to let her know. At this point I was so excited that I was finally in labour that I wasn’t really thinking about the contractions.

It got to about 3pm and my contractions started coming quicker and stronger, but I still felt totally in control on my ball using my breathing that I had learnt through hypnobirthing. I text Kate to let her know and she said that she would call back in an hour after her visit to see how I was getting on. I felt so relaxed at home that I didn’t realise that my labour was advancing until my Mum who had been timing the contractions said I really should get my partner to come home now and get Kate here, the time now was 3:45pm.

My partner arrived home at 4pm, I then called Kate to come over. In my head I didn’t see what all the rush was for as I felt I still had hours to go but Kate left her visit early and headed straight over. Kate arrived at 4:30pm and by this time I felt that I could do with a little bit of gas & air to help me through the stronger contractions. Kate and my partner started filling up the birthing pool straight away whilst I was still in the front room on my ball. At 5:15pm I felt my legs go a little bit wobbly, so I decided to change positions and knelt over the ball instead, as I did this I felt the baby’s head drop and I knew that he was ready to come out. Kate quickly called for a second midwife to come whilst my partner had to quickly get the towels as there wasn’t enough time now to fill the pool up for me to get in.

I was ready to push and felt totally in control, with a couple of pushes my waters broke and minutes later with a few more pushes he arrived safely at 5:25pm. It was truly an emotional experience when he arrived with tears all around. The second Midwife Ming soon turned up and helped with the checks and the clearing up. It was so lovely to be able to sit on my sofa after with my newborn and family around me and enjoy a well deserved Chinese before going up to my own bed.

It truly was an amazing experience and feel very thankful to Kate who delivered my baby safely into the world.