After starting out being a bit unsure about home birth, Kelly, my midwife answered all the questions we had and really gave us confidence that we could be ideal candidates for a home birth.

After attending the hypnobirthing classes with Lisa I felt totally ready to have my baby at home.

Early hours of Thursday morning I started having contractions. They were coming every 5 minutes and I thought I was progressing well, but I wasn’t! They kept changing times and were too painful to sleep through.

By the time Friday afternoon came I was a bit fed up. I text Kelly to ask her to come and check to see how far I was, thinking if I was in the early stages I would take some pain killers and try and go to bed.

When Kelly arrived about 6.30 I was crying. I was in a lot of pain and thought I was getting nowhere. After Kelly did a check we realized I was 4cm. All that pain was worth something after all! I relaxed straight away with Kelly being there. My son went off to bed at 7:00 and that helped me relax even more. I lit my candles, put my birth prep CD on and breathed my way though the contractions. The surges where getting stronger and only lasting 30 seconds, so I didn’t think they where doing much. Kelly said I could get in the pool if I wanted to help me relax and have a rest. The rest never happened! As soon as I got in the water it was instant relief. The warm water and weightlessness felt amazing. On the next contraction I felt my waters pop and I could feel something had changed and it had moved up a level. Kelly checked baby’s heart beat and said she was going to get her kit from the car as she could feel the baby was low. When she left the room the baby starter coming so I shouted to my husband (who was pottering around the kitchen) ‘Help me!’ He got Kelly and out came half the head. With the next contraction the rest if the baby came out! We were all in shock. I’d only been relaxing and talking to everyone a few minutes before. I can’t believe how relaxed I was and how much less painful this was compared to my first.

It just shows the power of the mind. I held my baby for a few minutes then had a look under the towel. It was a girl. We waited for the cord to stop pulsing and I cut the cord myself. I got out the water and the placenta fell out. I can’t believe how easy and positive a natural birth can be.