I decided to contact One to One Midwives as I already had a one-year old daughter and with a busy work schedule attending hospital appointments would have proved difficult. One to One offered lots more flexibility. I did not expect the level of care I received over the next few months. Gail, my midwife, has provided me with the upmost attentive care.

From booking appointments at times which were convenient, being on the end of the phone whenever I needed her and informing me of choices I was unaware of despite having a baby fairly recently.Gail’s relaxed yet professional approach ensured I had an enjoyable pregnancy and positive birth.

I had not decided whether to go to hospital or have a homebirth, but Gail reassured me that I didn’t need to make any decisions and could just see how I felt when the time came.

At 38+2 weeks I woke at 1:30am with contractions. Using the tools One to One midwives taught me through their informative hypnobirthing class I was able to be comfortable during early stages of labour and stay at home with my daughter in bed. Gail arrived later in the day and continued to put me at ease, she took every step to ensure I was comfortable and happy throughout. At that point I knew staying at home was where I was most happy, I felt in control and had no concerns that mine or the baby’s needs couldn’t be met. Gail continued to offer me all the support I needed, she interacted with my family the whole time. Gail’s buddy, Rachel arrived later whilst I was in the birthing pool. Even though we hadn’t met before she came straight in and made me feel at complete ease supporting me through the later stages of labour.

Gail and Rachel allowed me to birth my own baby in the pool which is something I never even thought about before – a truly special moment. They kept me uplifted and laughing throughout the labour and birth with their great sense of humour, they couldn’t have done any more than they did.

Following the birth, the placenta did not come away, I panicked and thought I’d be sent to hospital but again the ladies reassured me not to worry and brought in one of their colleagues, Jill, who again was lovely as ever and delivered the placenta. The ladies then got me settled with baby for skin on skin cuddles in the comfort of my own home and cleared away everything – you would have never known they had been!

I’m so glad that I found One to One Midwives, I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience from start to finish. I can only thank all those involved and will never forget the standard of care that they provided, they made it so special for me and my family.