Hearing good things about One to One I decided to go ahead and join at around 20 weeks pregnant, as after having a previous miscarriage, I was really worried as a first time mum. After a few days my midwife called and made a first appointment to come out and see me and during the appointment she knew I was very anxious and got to the bottom

of my problems including a mental health issue, which was made a lot easier being in contact with such an amazing midwife that was only a text/phone call away.

I had a low risk pregnancy and was given the option to have a home/water birth at the time I wasn’t keen on the idea but then after a few weeks it was something that I wanted to do. After reading up about it and Jill Darlington my midwife reassuring me about the benefits of a home birth it became my plan.

I was due 14th April and went 6 days over to the 20th April. I was in slow labour for 2 days in quite a lot of pain, dilating very slow, at this point I had enough and just wanted to meet my baby and was ringing Jill quite a few times a day/texting every hour of the day or night and she was there answering any questions I had, giving me tips on how to ease the pain and just keeping in contact while I would be crying in pain getting really agitated.

I went from 2cm to 10cm overnight and I had the urge to push so that’s when my partner rung my midwife and she was here in a flash. Luckily the pool went up and was filled quickly, ready for me to have my baby boy and what an amazing experience it was! I would recommend a home birth to any women, in the comfort of your own home with mood lighting and music if that’s what you want. After 45 minutes of pushing I got to meet my beautiful baby boy.

I would like to thank Jill Darlington for being a fantastic midwife. My pregnancy wouldn’t have gone so smoothly if it weren’t for her and her buddy Donna for also being at the birth.

I will certainly be joining One to One again if I choose to have another baby in the future. It’s an amazing service 🙂