I had a lovely midwife called Kim looking after me through my pregnancy. I’d previously lost a child and she made me feel comfortable and really cared for, as well as planning extra scans for reassurance as well as some growth scans.

i planned a home birth this time as i had an unplanned home birth with One to One with my daughter as that happened very quickly. On the day I went into labour i kept in touch with Kim, had a hot bath for pain and some paracetamol which helped take the edge off the pain. I was sat eating and breathing through some contractions and it came to the point when i couldn’t bear the pain anymore. When i was in fully established labour i phoned Kim and she came very fast. She turned up before the other midwife Morgan that lived closer. They was both brilliant and everything was going to plan until I gave birth and my son didnt look right. He didn’t cry and he wasn’t breathing well. I can’t thank Kim and Morgan enough for what they did while my partner was on phone to call an ambulance. They gave breaths to baby and when the ambulance came they gave baby a little help with oxygen. I got ready and we went to hospital for baby to be checked when we got there baby was checked over and starting getting his colour back. He just needed a little bit of help when entering the world.

The midwives did a fantastic job i would highley recommend One to One Midwives xxxxx