I’ve been meaning to share my one to one experience since being discharged, but here I am with an 11-week-old baby wondering where the time has gone!

I couldn’t be more thankful to have heard about One to One. I had the perfect pregnancy and I really feel that is down to my midwife Lucy!

My first appointment with Lucy was around two hours long and was spent getting to know each other as well as chatting about how I was feeling and my hopes and fears about pregnancy and becoming a mummy.

I got on with Lucy from the beginning and this appointment really helped to build my confidence in her from the very start. I am naturally a bit of a worrier and felt I really benefitted from having someone I could trust to support me and knowing that Lucy would be there if I needed her no matter the day or time actually kept me calm throughout; I think this was the reason I had such an easy and relaxed pregnancy!

I enjoyed every appointment and would look forward to them all. It wasn’t like what I had imagined midwife appointments to be at all, it was just like having a friend over for a chat and a brew, but also with the professional advice. This was really appreciated especially when it came to the big things like hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, which was so good to share with someone like a friend rather than someone I hardly knew as my partner couldn’t be there.

I had decided to have a hospital birth (the worrier side of me took over) but Lucy was still there when I needed her for advice during labour, which was really comforting (particularly during three weeks of slow labour where she was able to convince me many times that I would not be in labour forever despite feeling that way!). I do wish I had had a home birth with her now I know it’s not as scary as I thought! But I can only hope I have the opportunity to do so with her next time!

Once Oscar was home Lucy was round to give him his full body check, I was so glad she got to do this, as there is no one I would have trusted more! She was still there for me to give support and advice once he was here, as was the MaMA Kat, who also helped with breast-feeding in the early weeks, which again I am grateful for!

Having a One to One midwife is really an amazing experience, she was there throughout my whole journey and shared every exciting milestone and supported me through any worrying moments and for that I could never forget her or thank her enough. I couldn’t recommend One to One more. The only downside to One to One is having to say good-bye to your midwife once being discharged!!

I had the perfect pregnancy, the perfect midwife, the perfect birth and now my perfect little boy and I couldn’t be happier.