One to One was recommended to me at the beginning of my pregnancy by someone who had just had a baby with them. I had such a lovely experience with my first child that I did feel slightly apprehensive at the change but after some negativity from my local birth unit I felt upset. At the beginning of my pregnancy, my BMI was 35, I was welcomed with all kinds of risks and this was daunting.

I was told that I would need to have a consultant led pregnancy and I was considered high-risk. I felt so upset and that I had let myself down. I had also had some early bleeding, thankfully everything was okay but I found the negativity continued until I decided to join One to One and what an excellent decision that was.

I knew that I’d like to try Hypnobirthing this time and have a water birth like my first labour. I was also really keen to have a homebirth, something that petrified my husband! We met our midwife, Janine, she came to our house and I was immediately won over. We completed all the documents and I was handed my new notes. Later that evening I had emails to share with my husband, Scott, to reassure him about homebirth and some further reading on safe labours and the risks of BMI with positive research.

Everything in my pregnancy went brilliantly. I had wonderful consultant appointments, which were all positive and informative and I felt so safe and informed the whole way through.

I had the scans at Babyscan, which provided us with such an emotional and personal experience. The midwives even attended with us, nothing was too much effort. My gestational diabetes test was completed at home and was negative, everything was pointing in the perfect direction for my homebirth.

My midwife, Janine moved on and Heather saw me with Naomi before Naomi took over the caseload. The transfer was excellent; it was handled so well and allowed me to build a good relationship with Naomi. I attended hypnobirthing classes locally and felt so calm and prepared in the lead up to my birth. I hired the birth pool ready to set up from 37 weeks and ordered a cord tie, which was also recommended to me. I did have to be prepared for some risks though due to my BMI and Naomi handled this brilliantly, even if they did upset me.

I felt so anxious that things wouldn’t go how I imagined but I knew what to do if the situation wasn’t going to plan and felt secure in knowing that Naomi had also prepared for this, talking me through the different risks and how to avoid and correct them when necessary. We discussed my birth plan and also agreed on a backup plan in advance. This way I knew exactly what to expect.

My due date quickly approached and I, like most other people, were expecting my little bundle to arrive before this! I began to feel worried about needing to be induced and again, Naomi and I discussed this and I opted to not be induced at 42 weeks. Naomi organised all the necessary scans and checks for when I reached 42 weeks to ensure both the baby and I were safe and the placenta was working well. We also booked an appointment for 41+1 to go over any changes again. Then 41+1 came… bright and early I woke up at 3am, starving! By 4.30am, I could not get back to sleep. I felt like things were starting to happen, slight period pains and then on and off contractions. By 6am, my husband and I agreed that I should text Naomi to let her know. She rang me immediately and said to call her with an update. I was worried I was wasting her time. We sent my toddler off to his grandparents and I got up and had breakfast. Nothing was really going anywhere, contractions were on and off. I went up to the toilet at 9am and felt some pressure. Scott rang for Naomi and she said she was on her way, living locally, it took her about 10 minutes. Naomi confirmed I was in labour and called for Claire, the second midwife whilst Scott had started to fill my pool. The contractions came thick and fast. I decided to get in the pool around 10.30am and spent a while in there. I then wanted to move around and walked around the house, whilst this was easy for me, Naomi was following me with gas and air and placing down waterproof mats to save my carpet and Claire was following writing notes with a resuscitation area just in case. I decided to get back in the pool around half 12 and felt lots of pressure. I used the gas and air and had my hypnobirthing playing in the background. Scott, Naomi and Claire were so supportive, using positivity and hypnobirthing strategies to keep me going. I felt my waters pop around 1.20pm and at 1.41 pm, Emeline Charlotte was born in the water. I delivered her and pulled her up for cuddles. We stayed in the pool for a while but her cord was short and the water was starting to cool. We moved over the sofa, which was covered in towels prepared by Claire and Naomi. We laid there for some lovely skin to skin and waited for the cord to stop pumping for delayed cord clamping. Scott cut Emeline’s cord and then Naomi tied our cord tie. I chose to deliver the placenta naturally and Scott had some skin to skin with Emeline. It was taking a while and I asked for the injection as I had had enough by then, soon enough, it was out. The placenta was checked by the midwives and Scott, who was very interested in it, whilst I cuddled our baby in our bed. Naomi then ran me a bath and checked Emeline and me.

After my bath, I could not believe the house, it was like it had never happened. Everything was cleaned and cleared up and in bags ready to be taken away, it was amazing. Scott left to collect our son and Naomi and Claire waited with me to take our first family photo! Soon, it was just us and it was perfect, everything I imagined.

I felt my homebirth gave Emeline and me the best start. I felt and still feel, so relaxed, content and happy. Being in my own home made such a difference, it was lovely being on our agenda, not feeling rushed and having everything we needed here. We had a takeaway, put our toddler to bed after lots of cuddles together and got back in to our bed with our new addition. It exceeded my expectations. Emeline is only two weeks but the after care has so far been amazing. It has been a tricky time of year with Christmas but that has had absolutely no impact. We’ve had endless care with visits from Naomi, a consultant midwife for Emeline’s checks and having Emeline weighed as well as checking in on me. I am feeling so well, settled and lucky and that’s down to the care Naomi has provided me throughout as well as Naomi and Claire on the day. I am going to be very sad when it comes to 6 weeks and Naomi and the One to One team move on. Thank you so much!