I decided to go with One to One Midwives after a couple of people I know made recommendations. My partner is in the Army and wanted to be as involved as possible whilst he was away so One to One was perfect due to the flexibility, so I booked in for our first appointment.

I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect. Hannah arrived at my house and she made me feel comfortable straight away!

We chatted and went through family histories etc. and then I explained I suffered with anxiety.

Hannah suggested going to a hypnobirthing class as it would help me stay in control.

During the hypnobirthing session we were shown videos of calming births in both the hospital and at home. There was one video of a home birth that really stuck in my head and it honestly was beautiful. I came away and was adamant that’s how I wanted my birth to be!

We sat down and planned our perfect home water birth. Hannah explained how everything worked and that they provided the pool along with everything else that was needed and all we had to do was buy a hose adapter and a handful of shower curtains.

Everything was all systems go as I was really low risk throughout my pregnancy and I couldn’t have been more excited.

I was two days overdue, so Hannah came out for a routine appointment, things took an unexpected turn when my blood pressure spiked to 160/105, I was sent to the hospital to get checked out. I ended up being strapped to a monitor for 3 hours to see if it would bring itself down. My blood pressure came down slightly and the hospital allowed me to come home, luckily for me they gave me a sweep before I went. We discovered I was 2cm dilated! Hannah then monitored me closely for the next two days.

On Thursday 1st Feb, I text Hannah in the morning as I’d been having surges throughout the night and was due back at the hospital for more monitoring. Hannah thought it would be best to come out herself and check my blood pressure again as my surges were getting stronger and were regular. After checking, they were high again. My perfect home birth plan was slipping away, and I was gutted. Hannah could obviously tell and tried to keep me positive. We decided to do an examination to see whether my waters had gone, to Hannah’s surprise she could literally see my waters bulging through my cervix but were still intact. She then checked to see how far along I was, again to her surprise I was 10cm dilated!!!

Due to my blood pressure still being high, Hannah then had to go and make a couple of phone calls to decide what was best and where we would go from there. I was determined that I would have my perfect home water birth and I would not end up going to hospital. Hannah advised me to get bouncing on my ball to see if my waters would go naturally which I did for about 30 minutes, in this time the pool was being filled and the finishing touches to my birthing room were being made. I then had immense pressure and needed to go the bathroom. I waddled upstairs and just about made it before my waters went, it was time to get in the pool eeeek!

As soon as I got into the pool, I was instantly calmed. The lights were dimmed, I had my hypnobirthing on in the background and my positive birth affirmations were on the wall. It was perfect! Hannah and Morgan were amazing, they monitored my blood pressure and baby’s heartbeat every 15 minutes (which I didn’t even notice). They were both so supportive and encouraging. Amazingly my blood pressure kept dropping and returned to normal as I was pushing (another thing to add to Hannah’s surprise list).

Hannah telling me to reach down and feel my babies head was the most magical feeling in the world, not long now! Hannah could obviously see I was starting to tire and said to me “You’re going to feel at some point you can’t do it, that’s when your baby is coming” this was my absolute favourite affirmation and got me through the final push to get babies head out. My waters went at 15:00 and our beautiful baby boy was born at 18:05, weighing a healthy 9lbs 3oz! I managed to do it with no pain relief other than a TENs machine during the early stages, water and hypnobirthing!

I am so so proud of myself with being a first-time mummy!

Going with One to One was the best decision that my partner and myself made and I cannot thank Hannah enough for being there for me throughout. We still have a couple of appointments left but I can honestly say that I’ll be sad when they’re over, Hannah is more like a friend than a midwife.

Any first-time mummies that are considering a home birth, I’d say go for it! Best experience ever!

You’re in total control!