After trying for almost three years; I finally fell pregnant with our second child. I had no idea One to One Midwives even existed until my husband found a leaflet in his workplace. I signed up and never looked back.

I had a pretty traumatic labour with our first born and although I birthed a healthy boy, it wasn’t a memorable time – I really wanted for my second to be different and knew exactly what I wanted.

I had decided on a home water birth and didn’t want any pain relief involved – this was exactly what I got.

On the 10th of December and a day before her due date; my waters broke, and our baby girl was on her way. After a few hours of contractions, my husband had filled the pool and our little boy was happy playing toys nearby. Contractions were a lot stronger and more frequent, so I lit my favourite candles and got in the pool. Kate, managed to get to us on a Sunday afternoon, in horrendous snow and with homemade cake in hand (yes, I know, could she be any more perfect?) and shortly after Kim arrived and our little girl was born in the pool and straight into my arms. I felt like superwoman (and still do). We have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone that has seen us through pregnancy, labour and post-partum care.

A special thank you to Kate because she didn’t just make sure that mine and baby’s needs were met, but that my husband and little boy were happy too. I cannot help but feel Kate went above and beyond her role as our midwife, and I am truly sad to no longer have visits. My birth went exactly as I had wished and I felt extremely supported throughout and after Aaliyah was born.

Breastfeeding didn’t come easy, but at 8 weeks old – we are still going strong thanks to all the support. Having a home water birth was one of the best things I have ever done; I would 100% recommend One to One Midwives to any expecting parents. Thank you so much to Kate, Dawn, Sara & Kim. With love The Moukodi’s.