So, my husband and I had wanted a homebirth with our previous children however, due to pregnancy and labours unpredictable challenges this wasn’t possible until now.

My two previous births had been in hospital and induced by IV drip of Oxytocin which took away some of the natural moments we wished to have – moments such as walking around during labour and a serene atmosphere (difficult in a hospital ward).

This time around the pregnancy went well and our due date became closer and closer. The possibility of a homebirth began to feel real so, emotionally we both felt happier.

The nicest part of our story we now get to share with others is that our Son was born in our home and in our bed, which has a warm sentiment to it. Just for fun I will also add that the baby was born on Daddy’s side of the bed which became a topic of amusement afterwards. Our 3 children were asleep in their beds through the night during our labour. They came in to see us within seconds of the birth. There’s something to be said about being in the presence of your children moments after birth while the newborn is covered in vernix and the cord is still attached. Our 13-year-old was intrigued asking questions about the cord and watched its journey out. The 10-year-old child was totally grossed out by the whole thing and stayed top end as much as possible – while the toddler remained asleep the entire night. She woke in the morning to a new baby brother.

This to me is the joyous memories attached to our homebirth and what it represented to us as a family.

Our labour started at 2pm on the Saturday 25th August whilst I was napping and the whole family became involved in timing my surges. Dad needed a little help while he was busy with the toddler. The family became a good team. 9:30 pm arrived where surges were becoming strong and very emotional, so we phoned Kate our midwife and discussed what to get ready and what to look for as this was certainly going to happen. My husband spent the evening calm while panicking like crazy internally. He began cleaning everything, hoovering rooms and feeding me up in preparation. He was caring and attentive the entire time. In between contractions I spent time resting and now and then we spent time talking about meeting our first-born Son.

Along came midnight and I was struggling to cope with the pains so we made the final phone call to Kate to come round and ready us for the finish line. After a few hours of support from my husband and Kate our birthing journey arrived at 3 something in the morning. My waters had still not broken, and Orion was trying to push out but just not passing the threshold, so I asked for help to break them to help the birth along. The gas and air was helpful but I had arrived at a point of a mental block – I was done and could go on no more (of course I could have done really.). At this point my mother-in-law was called to come round in case we needed her to baby sit the others as I’m aware breaking waters can potentially come with risks. If I remember correctly, my waters were broken and within 2 surges his head was half way out. The 3rd and last surge felt as though it took an hour to happen but in reality, 30 seconds passed and the last push – out he came, born at 3:45am. Think it was the last 2 surges and my yelps that awoke the oldest two children.

The experience was heart-warming and memorable in every possible way with a huge thanks to Kate and Ming for making it possible.