I got in touch with One to One when I was roughly 11 weeks pregnant after being told about it through a friend. I had Kate as my midwife and she was absolutely brilliant I could not fault her in any way! Kate got in me in for extra growth scans and seeing a consultant because of being high risk. I thought I couldn’t be under One to One but they met all my needs and more.

Kate would be on the other side of the phone day and night and if not her, her buddies would be. Catherine was also amazing even though I’d only spoke to her on the phone and Tabitha was brilliant who came around the day after having my son.

I had a few problems, reduced movements, constantly thinking I was going into labour and they never got sick of me like I was with the hospital midwives when having my daughter. I was constantly told ‘why are you One to One it’s so much easier if you’re under us’, but I simply said because One to One have been amazing!

I ended up being induced at 37+6 for reduced movements with the help of Kate and my baby boy Fraser arrived on 10th of December 2017! I’m gutted I couldn’t have home birth and Kate there as she was honestly like a friend during my pregnancy and I had complete trust for her!

I would definitely use One to One again if I decided to have more.

Thank you One to One but more importantly thank you so much Kate for everything you done for me and my little one, and also for not getting annoyed with my daughter Freya for trying to touch all your equipment! Maybe one day in the future I will see you again.

Thanks again from Paige, Marc, Freya and Fraser x