I heard about One to One from a friend who had used them with both her children. I booked my appointment and got assigned my midwife Lorna. Our first home visit was lovely, of course she had to ask all the regulation questions but she also asked questions getting to know me and my partner to learn more about our situation.

Lorna was very understanding that this was my first baby and my partner and I agreed a hospital birth would be best.

At our first scan we learned I had a front placenta (anterior) this meant it would be harder for me to feel movement and I thought “Wonderful something else to worry about!” Lorna was always quick to reply to messages and phone calls putting my mind at ease no matter what time of day or night. My partner and I also attended Hypnobirthing classes taken by Helen who happened to be Lorna’s buddy. The classes were great for us both and my partner and I found the empowerment statements and music very useful.

Sadly, five days before my due date my mother past away. This was a very difficult time and I was very worried that the stress and upset I was feeling would affect my unborn baby. Lorna was as always on hand with words of reassurance and advice to help keep my baby and me safe and healthy.

Three days before my due date I was worried about the baby’s movement, so Lorna came out with a monitor machine and reassured us the baby was fine. After the passing of my mother, my partner and I decided that we wanted our birth to be as stress free as possible and a home birth was probably the best way to achieve this. We told Lorna that we would make our final decision on the day and she informed us of what we would need at home to carry out a home birth.

The day after my due date at 3.30am I felt pains and knew what it was. I followed my Hypnobirthing and got in the bath. My contractions came on quick and escalated fast. At 4.30 we phoned Lorna, as there were 3 in 10-minutes. Lorna, my best friend and my other birthing partner both arrived and it was all systems go. Lorna stayed out of the way, only stepping in to monitor the baby and me every 15-minutes. My birth partners and I were doing a wonderful job on our own. We had the lights low and the Hypnobirthing music on. We filled the pool and I got in. It was perfect. As time went on I took gas and air, as the pain was starting to get bad. Lorna continued to check the baby and me. At 4.30pm I was checked and was fully dilated, we decided it was best I walk round a bit to get the baby moving. At 6.30 another midwife Michelle, came to take over from Lorna as she had been with me for 12 hours. It was at this time that the baby’s pulse rate went up, as did my temperature and it could have been a sign of a problem and an ambulance was called.

Michelle came with my partner and me to the hospital and handed me over to the midwives at Liverpool Women’s hospital. She explained what had been happening and also told them I had been Hypnobirthing so was in control. Due to my baby having shoulder dystocia I ended up have an emergency Caesarean Section under general anaesthetic. Even through all this I never felt out of control, of course I was concerned but I had faith that my baby would be safe.

I woke up in a room on my own not knowing what had happened. A nurse came in and I asked about my baby, she replied ‘he’s fine’ and walked out. A boy I had a baby boy. He was in special care as he had to have some checks but he was ok. My partner told me he was 9lb 5oz and he was beautiful. I was moved and slept the rest of the night with my partner in a bed next to me. When I woke up in the morning I was greeted by a doctor telling me Stanley (my baby boy) had a seizure in the night about 6 hours after he was born. I didn’t know what to do or how to feel. I was just numb and very sleepy from the medication. Stanley had lots of tests and we both had a week long stay in hospital. Lorna and Michelle both kept in contact and Lorna even offered to come visit me if I needed support.

We got discharged on the Saturday after Stanley was born. He was 6 days old. After lots of tests including a CT scan, MRI scan and lumber puncher Stanley was given a clean bill of health and we where told to just keep an eye on him and would be contacted for follow up appointments. Lorna came out to see us both the next day and checked us both over. I was referred and given a MaMA to help with breastfeeding, as Stanley was bottle fed while in SCBU but with Sarah’s help and a lot of hard work he is now breastfed. Lorna discharged us after 6 weeks as we were both fine. I honestly couldn’t have coped if it wasn’t for her care and support.

One to One is such a wonderful supportive service.