After an emergency C-section 3 years ago I was desperate for a positive birth experience this time. After seeing my local antenatal clinic who were not encouraging for VBAC we made the decision to go with One to One.

From our first appointment with Rachael I was positive we could achieve a normal delivery.

We planned to labour at home for a while and then transfer into hospital to deliver – this was supported after meeting with the hospital SOM who agreed to a midwife unit pool birth as naturally as possible!

The day before our due date we went to a hospital consultant appointment (again supported by Rachael) to make plans for a section at term +14 as I wasn’t suitable for induction if things went on that long. The consultant offered a sweep and then we went on our way.

That night I woke in the night with niggles but went back to bed and had the best few hours sleep – think my body knew I had to prepare myself!! In the morning we pottered around with our little boy – went to the library and the car wash! I was having intense but irregular pains every 10′ to 15 minutes from about 10am till 3pm. Took 2 paracetamol at lunchtime but they didn’t really help! Got in the bath at 3.30 and had my hypnobirth birth on repeat which did help and the contractions now coming every 6-8 minutes. Just after 5pm I had a really intense pain and as I moved felt a pop! We had been in text contact with Rachael all afternoon but rang her at this point and she told us she was at another birth – I must admit I had a little wobble at this point – but needn’t have! Things ramped up really quickly then so we rang our midwife’s buddy Becky. She offered to come and do a home assessment to see if it was worth me going to hospital yet as I was managing ok. When Becky arrived she looked at me and said if we’re going to hospital to go now! We agreed to do a quick examination, after which she suggested we were going nowhere. Becky went to the car and came back with a bottle of gas and a home birth box – that’s when I realised I was actually going to have our baby in our bedroom! She was so encouraging that I could do it I just inverted into myself and got on with it – to the point I hadn’t noticed the second midwife Lucy arrive! We had gotten to know Lucy during our hypnobirthing course and I felt so comfortable with my support team.

With their gentle encouragement our baby boy was born at 7.28 with me kneeling on our bedroom floor. They helped me bring him straight up to my chest which was amazing as had not been possible last time. We all sat squeezed into a corner of our bedroom and waited for cord to stop pulsing. Placenta came away naturally 5 minutes later. They boxed it up and popped it in the fridge for smoothies later on! The feeling of elation and peace was overwhelming.

Becky and Lucy put the three of us to bed, brought us tea and toast and left us a while to get to know our new son. A while later they came back up and did the necessary repair work! Becky is a whizz with a needle and thread and Lucy kept me so calm and distracted even when I became a bit high on the gas!! The feeling of then being able to go the sleep in my own bed was great and there wasn’t even a mark on the carpet!!

I can’t recommend One to One enough. My pre/postnatal and MaMA care has been so much above anything I could have received elsewhere and I still can’t get over our birth experience. It wasn’t what we had planned but I truly wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Thank you