This story is long overdue as Willow is now nearly 6 months old but time seems to slip away when you have a little one and a new house to keep you occupied.

I chose to go with One to One Midwives after my sister had them when she had my niece 5 years ago.

I liked the idea of having one midwife throughout the pregnancy and birth and someone I could build a relationship with and trust as I was planning a home birth.

I met with Rosie not long after I had contacted One to One and she began our processes of booking scans and paperwork. Rosie was really nice and we got on well but about half way through my pregnancy Rosie told us she was moving to another country so would be leaving One to One. I was then contacted to ask if I was happy with a male midwife. To me the fact that I would have a male would be no problem at all so long as I felt confident in him and that is exactly what I did.


My due date came and went with no sign of Willow. Then on Valentine’s night my waters went but there no signs of regular surges. I contacted One to One but it was Tom’s evening off so I spoke to another lady. She asked me some questions regarding my waters and asked me to call back if things progressed. As it was they didn’t overnight I just kept slowly trickling water.

Tom called me in the morning and I explained the situation. He then came out to see me later that day. Tom talked through my options and at the time I didn’t want to go to hospital as I really wanted my home birth. Tom explained the risks of waiting more than 24hours after my waters went. I decided to go to hospital to have the baby monitored and discussed with Tom that if everything was okay I would come home again and hope things would start naturally. Again, overnight there was no progression so Tom came out again the next day.

We decided it was time to go to hospital now as it had been nearly 48 hours. I spoke to Tom on the phone a little disheartened and feeling like I had failed as a woman and he made me feel so much better and reassured that although it wasn’t to plan, I was still in full control of my labour.

After Willow was born and we were back home again Tom came out the next day to meet Willow. He then gave us fantastic after care until we were ready to be discharged. We are very lucky that we still get to see Tom sometimes as he is now my sister’s midwife. I truly hope he continues with One to One so when we decide the time is right to have another baby he will hopefully be our midwife again.