Dear Katie and Joanne

I wanted to write to give some feedback on the service that my wife and I have received from One to One. Our One to One experience has probably not been the typical One to One experience in that our assigned midwife was Gemma who unfortunately left the company when my wife Anna was 36 weeks pregnant.

However, I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment and service that we have received not only from Gemma up to that point, but from all other members of staff that we have had contact with.

This includes our sonographer who seemed to have ‘all the time in the world’ for us and was so enthusiastic and made us feel so special whilst also keeping us informed of what she was doing. The several midwives we have met, all of the ladies involved with the hypnobirthing and the breast feeding support we have received from Jenny have all also been wonderfully supportive, well informed and full of encouragement.

However, I would like to make special mention of Leanne who wilfully stepped into the breach when Gemma left. Far from this making us feel uncomfortable not having had the full nine months to build a relationship with Leanne, she immediately felt like a friend we had both had for years. We found Leanne to be helpful beyond our wildest dreams and she gave us the confidence to have the home birth that we both wanted. Throughout the latter part of Anna’s pregnancy and the whole labour, Leanne was a rock for us both to lean on. She was clearly very capable but also a calming and encouraging influence. Neither Anna nor I could now imagine ever having given birth without Leanne.

Additionally, the aftercare we have received from Leanne has been exemplary and we have been touched by her caring nature for both our beautiful son, Freddie and Anna. Additionally, her humility is refreshing – whilst I appreciate that Leanne may think that she is ‘only doing her job’, I firmly believe that there is a difference between doing your job and doing it well. She is a credit to One to One and the midwifery profession as a whole and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend our experience to anyone who will listen.

I hope that my feedback is welcome and again, thank you so much for the service and care my wife, my son and I have received.

Best regards
Robert Lee
(Dad to Freddie Lee born 9 November 2013)