I went into labour on Saturday 14th April 2018 at about four in the morning, after my waters had broke. I rang my midwife, Gail Brennan to let her know. At the time I was excited, yet nervous as I was expecting my first baby. I had planned a homebirth, so I rang my mum and she came over with my stepdad.

My labour progressed quickly, so my husband Wes rang Gail just to keep her updated – she was at a birth so was unable to make it over. Lucy Nuttall came round first, checking how much I had dilated. After Lucy had finished, Gail and Rachel Haughton came round and took over. The birth pool was set up, and when I got in it was an amazing sensation – even though I was in and out of it. Sarah and Danielle had come round afterwards, and I attempted to give birth in the pool. However, it was decided that I was better going to hospital as my baby was getting distressed.

Sarah rang for an ambulance, so I got dressed and waited for the ambulance to arrive. My husband was upset and worried about the baby, and myself but he carried on being strong for me. After one in the morning on Sunday 15th April 2018, I was blue lighted to Leighton Hospital and taken in to be examined. I was fully dilated, but my baby was stuck and was informed that I would be having an emergency caesarean instead of a forceps delivery.

The operation was successful, and at eight minutes to six in the morning – Jack Arthur Stockton arrived safely weighing eight pound two ounces. My husband had run to my mum and stepdad, who followed the ambulance and told them excitedly. I stayed in hospital overnight, and went home the next day in the afternoon.

Although the birth didn’t go as planned, I was happy to have my baby boy with me. I can’t thank Lucy, Gail, Rachel, Sarah and Danielle enough for their support during labour. Mainly, I can’t thank Gail enough for her support during my pregnancy and after pregnancy. Gail was very helpful and informative; I couldn’t have done this without her guidance.

I would definitely recommend One to One Midwives to anyone having a baby, you will not be disappointed. Jack is now 14 weeks old, and is doing very well. I am proud of Jack, and can’t wait to watch my son grow into a young man.