When I decided to switch from my NHS midwife to One 2 One I was 26 weeks pregnant. In honesty, I thought I’d probably left it too late to get the full benefit from the service and was a bit worried there wouldn’t be enough time to build up a rapport with my new midwife.

I met Cheryl and was immediately reassured.

I couldn’t believe that she was going to come to my home to see me every two weeks and could do my glucose test and anti d injection saving me 2 trips to hospital. She worked around my working hours and even around my toddlers nap times which made a huge difference.

She was available on the phone and text literally 24 hours a day. Whenever I was worried about anything I would text and receive an instant response.

This was a stark contrast to my previous experience where I felt a nuisance texting my midwife about concerns I had, feeling grateful when I received a reply and let down when my concerns were dismissed and my health suffered as a result.

When I first met Cheryl I had no plans to breastfeed as I’d had such a bad experience with my son. I was more traumatised by my breastfeeding experience than labour. Cheryl listened to my worries pretty much each visit. We talked through my concerns and I was given brilliant advice and strategies that she would recommend if I had the same issues again. Most importantly I didn’t feel under any pressure and nor did I feel that I would be judged however I decided to feed my baby.

When my contractions started my husband called Cheryl and she was at my home 15 minutes later. On a Sunday. At 7.30am! I was 4cm dilated and it was agreed I should go to hospital as the contractions were coming very frequently. Cheryl called the hospital in advance to let them know I was on my way, gave me a hug and text me an hour later to see how I was. My beautiful baby girl, Evie Florence, had just been born!

Because of the support that I had received I decided to try breastfeeding and I’m over the moon that 8 weeks later I am still exclusively breastfeeding. This has not been without difficulty. Evie initially lost just over 10% of her birth weight. Cheryl was happy that she was happy and alert and fully supported me to continue to feed Evie with regular visits to see how we were doing without the pressure of weighing her every few days. Then when Evie was just 2 weeks old she was admitted to hospital with bronchiolitis. She lost even more weight as she had she struggled to feed. During this time, despite Cheryl being on annual leave, she phoned or text to see how both Evie and I were doing. This was over and above what had to be done and meant a great deal to my family at a really difficult time. Again there was careful monitoring of her weight without the usual panic.

Slowly but surely Evie has gained weight and is now up to her birth weight and we are ready to be discharged. I am really sad that my One to One journey is over as Cheryl has been so much more than just my midwife. She has supported me every step of the way since she took over my care and has shown genuine care and concern for both me and Evie. She has listened to my little boy’s endless chatter about Fireman Sam and been delighted at seeing Evie grow and develop.

This is such a precious time in my life and I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful experience and amazing care. I would not hesitate to recommended One to One and my only regret is not changing to them sooner.

Thank you Cheryl, we are so grateful to you for your friendship and support. You have made such a difference to my pregnancy and newborn experience.

Rachel, Matt, Charlie and Evie xxxx