So now I’ve had a little time to recover I just wanted to extend my thanks and share my story.

I had a traumatic emergency C-Section 2.5 years ago with first girl due to face presenting and back to back. It was 2 days labour, exhaustion and distress on both our parts.

Feeling like I’d been left to deal with it on my own (sent home 4 times) I decided to go to One to One Midwives and be brave and have a home water birth.

My husband and my mum were against it after witnessing my first labour and what could go wrong. I pushed on and stuck to my guns!

We had a scary raised nuchal at the start with high risk numbers coming back for Edwards and Pataus but all came back clear eventually and we found out we were having another girl. The consultants were involved because of this and our need for echocardiography’s and they were very blunt in telling me the risks in my decisions because of rupture and consequences but also I would need growth scans every 1/2 weeks as my first was so small (just shy of 6lb and I’m 5’0). I agreed to one growth scan but refused the rest as I didn’t want the worry. I wanted to trust again that I could grow another beautiful baby girl and still stuck to my guns. I was still so determined to get the experience I’d dreamed of.

At this scan (31 weeks) we found out she was breech and my lovely midwife Jill reassured me that there was plenty of time and to do spinning babies exercises and there was also robozo that can help (if needed). I trusted in her and did my research, spinning babies’ exercises, hypnobirthing and if I could have afforded it aquanatal and yoga.

Baby turned at 36 weeks and after hypnobirthing my hubby was on board!

I started in labour Thursday 4th January 39 +6 with latent phase but didn’t progress for 6 hours. My midwife was on annual leave but 2 others came around and sent me for scan as they were worried she was breech, my labour jolted in its tracks. Petrified the same problem was occurring. I was told that baby was head down but slightly twisted to the right and to carry on with spinning babies and perhaps get to an osteopathy for appointment which I did the next morning. She aligned my hips and confirmed my right hip was further forward and realigned my sacrum.

Labour started again on Saturday afternoon and very quickly progressed while I was in my bath. Midwife came and pool was blown up and I got in during established labour. It seemed to slow down for a bit but without panic they got me out and let gravity take a hold for 20’mins on the loo. Back in the pool and 3 hours of pushing, my gorgeous little girl arrived unscathed and so was I!

I’m recovering so quickly and so grateful they respected my wishes of no intervention, no investigating just calm trust and faith in my body’s ability. I had so many doubts all the way through my pregnancy but deep down wanted it so much and it happened.

Thank you to One to One for such a fantastic service particularly Jill for all of the unconditional support provided throughout!! It’s an experience that will stay with me for life, a very cathartic one indeed and you have no idea how much it means!

The aftercare has been phenomenal too… see you for our next bubba… Power and positivity to you all!!