So my story all started when I met my midwife Lucy. She was so lovely, easy to talk to and I wasn’t afraid to ask her any questions. She was so reliable and so understanding. She always made me feel reassured about everything and that I could ring her anytime. A few times I rang her when I thought I didn’t feel my baby kick and she came straight away and even though when she got to me my baby would make me look silly and start throwing a party,

Lucy would always reassure me I had done the right thing. Its amazing to have someone who you know you can talk to and ask questions especially with being a first time mum and not knowing what to expect.

My whole pregnancy was so easy and laid back because Lucy always made sure I was happy with everything. She never let me down she didn’t just treat me like ‘another lady’ she treated me like a friend. Everything was so relaxed, and when I finally went into labour I rang Lucy and she came straight out to me, I swear it felt like she turned up in seconds.

I can’t describe or even put into words just how amazing my home birth was. I listened to everything Lucy said to me and it worked. She was so calm and supportive.

I gave birth to my beautiful little boy at 4.02am on the 24th of April 2016. The most amazing day of my life. I literally would not of been able to do it without Lucy. It’s not just a midwife you meet on that first appointment. It’s also a friend!