I had the most amazing home birth with the help of my wonderful One to One midwife Vicky, it is everything that I could have hoped for. Prior to my labour, I attended hypnobirthing classes, which really helped me to understand what would be happening to my body, enabling me to feel in complete control during my labour.

I was eleven days overdue by the time my baby boy was born. I started to feel mild contractions at about 18:30 the day before he was born after my midwife had performed a sweep. I made the decision to put the contractions to the back of my mind and carry on with my evening as normal. By 12am the contractions became too intense to sleep through, so I made the decision to get up and have a shower and to start timing the contractions. At this point they were every five minutes and lasting about 45 seconds. Half an hour later my husband woke up and started setting up the birthing pool in our living room, as we felt that it would finally be the day our baby would be born! At 01:30am the contractions were becoming more intense and I was really having to use my breathing techniques that I learnt in my hypnobirthing class. I rang my midwife to let her know what was happening and we both decided that I would wait another hour to see how I’d get on. By 02:30am, they were every three minutes and lasting at least a minute, so I rang my midwife and she arrived 30-45 minutes later. It was lovely when my midwife arrived because she was the midwife that I had seen throughout my whole pregnancy. I really think that this helped me to achieve my positive birth experience, as I knew that she understood exactly what I wanted, so I felt instantly at ease. I remained active throughout my labour, getting up when my contractions were starting and rocking side to side and focusing on my breathing, which I found was essential to managing the contractions.

At 04:00am, I decided to try some gas and air, which helped to take the edge off. At 04:20 the pool was finally full enough for me to get in. It was lovely and warm, and I felt instantly relaxed. As soon as I got into the pool I noticed a change in my contractions – it felt as though my baby was moving further down. The contraction after that I felt my whole-body push without me evening thinking to, my body just took over. Once my baby’s head was out, I could feel him turn, it was the most surreal and amazing feeling! I remember saying to my midwife and husband that I felt so relaxed, which may seem strange since I was in the middle of birthing my baby! Once he was born, I scooped him up out of the water and put him on my chest. I felt that sudden rush of love, and it was the most amazing experience I have ever had. My first born was a hospital birth where I was stuck to the bed, and had every pain relief available, so I never experienced the pushing sensation or anything like that.

I would recommend to anyone to try and have a homebirth and to practice hypnobirthing, I’m so glad that I did it as it really changed my perspective on birth and it has left me feeling empowered and strong.

I would like to take this time to say a huge thank you to my amazing midwife Vicky for supporting me throughout my labour/birth and the outstanding antenatal and postnatal care that I received. We had issues with weight loss and my baby had an infection at one week old, and Vicky stayed in contact us throughout our stay in hospital which was really comforting. Also, a big thank you to Sarah MaMA who gave excellent breastfeeding advice when we had to give top ups, which we are now 13 weeks in and exclusively breastfeeding again!