We found out that we were expecting in July 2017, as soon as I accepted this (I was in shock that it had happened so fast) I emailed One to One Midwives. My sister had used them in her pregnancy and she couldn’t rate them higher! I liked that they work around you and that it is a personal service!

After an initial phone conversation, I was booked in with Gail.

Already I felt happy and safe and that was after just one phone call! We were booked in for a home appointment to meet Gail face to face yet unfortunately, I experienced a bleed which led to an early scan.

Gail was fantastic even though I hadn’t even met her, she made me feel at ease and once in the scan, stayed in the room until she knew everything was fine!

For the next 7 months, Gail looked after us, she answered all questions regardless of how silly they sounded to most people, she put my mind at ease and kept me informed of what was happening Re blood tests etc. Gail became a part of the family and I could speak to her at any time about anything! We discussed a home birth and a hospital birth (my daughter is 10 years old and I’d ended up having an emergency cesarean section with her)! We spoke about VBAC and all of the risks, and Gail showed me the care plan that she has done for me and that we had agreed.

We were given 23rd March as our due date for baby, however on the 14th, I began having niggles in my back and lower area. It was uncomfortable but not awful, I left it a few hours and then decided to text Gail (I prefer to text rather than call and this was never an issue). I explained what I was feeling and asked if it could be the start. She said most likely and that she could come out if I like? We agreed that she would come over the next day to examine me as I could cope with what I was feeling. The next day (Thursday) Gail came over, examined me and said that she could feel baby’s head so I was in the latent stage of labour so just to go with it. I was happy with this however over the next few days nothing progressed. Gail came over or kept in contact. She gave us advice and said to keep active!

On Sunday 18th, the pain got worse and my stomach was tightening. Gail came over and between her, her Buddy Rachel and my partner Alex, they set up the pool. I had opted for a home birth as it was where I felt comfortable but would go into hospital if need be! Sadly, things didn’t progress on the Sunday and we agreed that I would just try and sleep (after not getting rest since the Wednesday).

We carried on like normal on the Monday and went to Bella Italia for lunch as my partner was off work and I really fancied risotto, however I do now feel sorry for the manager as he was serving us and I was having contractions. He must have been worried in case I gave birth there and then!

I finally gave up thinking that baby was going to make an entrance on the Monday and went to bed. Finally, at 1:41am on 20th March, I woke up to strong pain, I woke Alex up and he said he could tell that this was it. The pain was different! Gail arrived around 2:20am, and Rachel a while later! They were absolutely fantastic throughout my entire labour! Extremely attentive and informative (however a lot of it, I don’t really remember) and helpful with Alex as well.

During my time in the pool, Rachel asked if she could take photos on our phones so that we could keep this memory to look back at which I thought was lovely.

At around 11:45am, a joint decision by all was made for me to go into the hospital due to no progression even though my waters had gone! Gail called the hospital and an ambulance was with us within minutes. Gail came with us in the ambulance which we were grateful for especially as Alex needed support. Once we got to the hospital, they were ready for us, as Gail did a hand over, they were prepping me and gave me loads of information. I have no memory of what any of that was now. Gail said bye to us and Alex grabbed her into a hug. Poor Gail!
After being given an epidural and being examined, I was taken into theatre and our beautiful baby girl was born at 12:22pm. We named her Danielle!

After having Danielle, Alex nipped home and upon returning, said that Gail and Rachel had cleaned up everything, taken the pool away and sorting everything out. After being let out of hospital on the Thursday evening, Gail came over on the Friday and made sure that everything was okay!

Since then, we have seen her to weigh Danielle and for her to check on me. Rachel has been out for a 5-day check and MaMA Julie has been out for help with breastfeeding!

Each time I have messaged both Gail and Julie, nothing has been too much for them.

One to One, have been amazing. We couldn’t recommend them any higher!

Danielle is now 6 weeks old, and we are being discharged next week! We will miss Gail! Whoever has her as their midwife is extremely lucky!