My falling pregnant was a bit of a shock and I was very nervous of what was to come.

I had a bit of a scare with a slight bleed at the beginning of my pregnancy and after that a friend said go with One to One because if anything happens again they are there. I gave them a call. From the minute my midwife came for a meeting at the house I was relaxed. Hannah kept me calm, positive and talked me through every worry I had.

I went on to have a beautiful baby boy weighing 7.4 called Leo!! After being terrified of birth and thinking I’m having every pain killer there is after the horror stories, Hannah and I worked on my breathing techniques and how I wanted my birth to be. I ended up being induced and being able to do it with no pain relief and it actually was not as bad an experience as everyone says! Hannah then text me and visited me once I was home.

I did have a lot of medication for my blood pressure and was very emotional as a new mum would be and Hannah just sorted me right out gave me confidence in what I was doing and looked after my health until I was back on my feet everyday! I cannot thank her and the One to One staff enough! I have a beautiful baby boy who is now nearly 1 and will be straight on the phone when we decide to have another!

Thank you One to One for sending Hannah to me and my baby!!