My journey with One to One started about 12 months ago when we sadly miscarried our first baby. I started speaking to Lucy (my midwife) at this tricky time and she was just what I needed at the end of the phone. I then found out I was pregnant early this year (2018) and I knew that I wanted One to One

to help guide me through the process.

Not long after registering with them I then got the phone call from Lucy telling me she was my midwife, this made me feel so comfortable because as you could imagine I was nervous given what had happened previously. Throughout the pregnancy Lucy was there at the end of the phone anytime to put my mind at ease.

Fast forwarding to Monday, the 10th September 2018 and that morning I spent a lot of time over my birthing ball as my baby was now lying back to back. At approximately 3:30pm I felt tired and decided to lay down on my sofa and my waters then broke about 5 minutes later! I rang Lucy to inform her and I was greeted by a very excited midwife congratulating me. Lucy came out to check me over and all was fine for us to just stay at home and carry on as normal (we were doing hypnobirthing). We thought we’d go out for tea to help time go a bit quicker, that’s when my surges began gradually.

Throughout the night my surges continued but eased off at about 5am. Lucy came to visit me on the Tuesday afternoon and our baby was still back to back, she did some massage using a Mexican blanket to help turn him. Once Lucy had worked her magic our baby decided to turn and then was in the correct position for his arrival, the massage also encouraged my surges to start again. We downloaded an app to help monitor the surges, took paracetamol and had showers to all help with making me more comfortable throughout the evening.

At 2am on Wednesday, 12th September Lucy had the phone call that we needed her to come to our house. When Lucy arrived, my partner helped her set up the birthing pool which I was so grateful for. As soon as I got in the pool, I felt the urge to push, Lucy kept checking on the baby’s heartbeat. Our baby decided that coming out the conventional way was not how he wanted to make his way in to the world and thus turned back to back again!

The experience of Lucy and her team was invaluable as they had me in all different positions pushing to help me birth my baby whilst he was back to back. All the encouraging words with being so tired from Lucy, Gail and Sammy along with my partner and mum helped massively as I was coming to the end of labour.

At 15:45 on Wednesday, 12th September our beautiful baby boy entered the world weighing a massive 10.1lbs. He arrived a full 48 hours after my waters broke and he is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen! Lucy then did all her checks on me making sure I was ok, which I was. The placenta came away and all was good (which I had made in to a smoothie by Sammy my MaMa).

The beauty with having the home birth was that all our immediate family arrived shortly after giving birth and were able to raise a glass to celebrate the new arrival. I feel like I had so much support after giving birth from Lucy and Sammy. Sammy would come around and help me with feeding or any questions that I needed answering anytime. Sammy has been a massive support to me throughout the first 6 weeks of my baby’s life, I don’t think I could have done it without her. She would come in and make myself and my partner feel very comfortable and making us laugh constantly (which is what you need when you are sleep deprived).

I feel like I have had the best experience with One to One and I can’t recommend them enough. The ladies have been amazing throughout our whole pregnancy journey. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was so nervous and scared but looking back now I am so positive and feel so passionate about birthing and that is all thanks to One to One (Lucy and Sammy). I will definitely be getting in touch if we decide on baby number 2!!