I cannot praise One to One enough and my amazing midwife Kim and just as amazing MaMA Tina. Not only did I have the pleasure of both these ladies looking after me once, but I got to have them twice!

The first time was with my son Bailey, who was born March 2017 at home in the birthing pool. Kim came to my house around my working hours throughout my pregnancy, she gave me advice, made me feel at ease and I built a relationship with her.

We talked about home birthing and the idea sounded exactly what I wanted as I have never been in hospital nor like the idea of being away from my home comforts. I did not get a chance to go on the hypnobirthing course, however I did purchase the book and Tina supported me at home teaching me breathing exercises.

Early Thursday morning I woke with a period pain and had a little show, I waited until a reasonable time and gave Kim a call to let her know what was happening, she assured me it was still very early and would come and see me at our already scheduled appointment. Kim came at midday and I was still in early stages, baby was happy, and everything was fine, so we set up the pool and Kim said to ring her when the contractions were stronger. The contractions continued to be very weak for the rest of the day and throughout the night. At one point they stopped, and I couldn’t feel baby move. I rang Kim who reassured me and gave me advice, I relaxed had a drink and felt a kick.

A few hours later contractions came on very painful and my mum rang Kim who came straight round, I got into the pool and started to use the gas and air at around 6am. For me the labour was a little blurry, I tried to remember breathing and Tina was there to help remind me. After a while I asked Kim to check how dilated I was as contractions had slowed down again and I was very tired. I was 7cm and the examination kick started the contractions again. The thought of being that close got me motivated to carry on. When it was time to push, I found it very difficult and wanted to give up, Kim took me to the bathroom and gave me a big hug, calmed me down and talked me through how to push correctly. The talk was exactly what I needed. I got back into the pool and Bailey was born at 14:55 weighing 6lb3oz.

We had skin on skin in the pool until my placenta came away and then my husband cut the cord. The team cleaned up and tidied away everything, me and Bailey were checked over on the comfort of my own sofa.

Tina and Kim carried on supporting me after the birth and Tina was always on the end of the phone for breastfeeding advice. When I found out I was pregnant again in January I knew I wanted to use One to One again and asked for Kim and Tina again.

Kim again came to my house around my working hours throughout my pregnancy and included Bailey. I got to just over 41-weeks and we booked an induction for the Monday for when I would be 42-weeks. I had a sweep on the Wednesday and was 2cm and 50% effaced. By Friday I was very worried and called Kim to ask if she could pop in. Kim checked me and baby and reassured me. She used aromatherapy oils and relaxed me by giving me a foot massage.

The following morning during breakfast mild contractions started. Kim came round and gave me another sweep. I was now fully effaced and still 2cm. Kim advised me to carry on with my day and keep her posted. At about 3pm they were getting stronger, so I started to put the pool up and my waters broke. I had dinner with my family and called Kim at 6pm to let her know it was nearly time and my contractions were much stronger and closer together.

Kim came around and checked on myself and the baby. I said goodnight to Bailey and got into the pool at 7pm. I felt like I needed to push straight away and after 3 pushes Molly entered the world March 2018 at 19:26 weighing 5lb15oz. She needed a little help to breathe but was soon having skin on skin with her daddy before coming to me for a feed.

Again, Kim and Tina supported me after the birth and I cannot thank them both enough!