As soon as I learnt about One to One, I knew that I would contact them once I was pregnant.

Having a dedicated midwife and her coming to my house each appointment seemed ideal and a complete no-brainer, so shortly after I’d seen my positive pregnancy result, I contacted One to One via the website and it wasn’t long till I was contacted by Kelly.

Throughout my pregnancy Kelly was very supportive and extremely knowledgeable. I felt at ease with her and she quickly got to understand that I’d have a little list of questions ready for her at each appointment!

The hypnobirthing class was full but Kelly did a couple of sessions for me and my husband, even giving us ‘homework’ for which I am so grateful, as I truly believe that listening to the tracks really helped prepare my mind for labour.

My contractions started about 10/10:30pm and I quickly realised that resting in bed between them was not going to be possible or comfortable, so I moved to the lounge and rotated on my exercise ball. I sat in silence in the quiet of the night and looked outside. I found it very relaxing and I’m sure this is what helped get me in the right frame of mind. I carried on ‘rotating to dilate’ till 6am with just a few breaks to eat some snacks and get a heat pad to ease my lower back. I started tracking my contractions on an app.

At 6am I realised I needed something stronger so I woke my husband to put on the tens machine and as my contractions were starting to become stronger and more regular, I called Kelly. As the day was starting to break, I moved into the bedroom where the pool was, where the curtains were drawn, music was playing (mainly River Dawn), lavender oil was burning in an aroma stone and we had electric candles to make a nice atmosphere.

Kelly came out about 8am and said I was still in the early stages. From this point, time is very hazy! I know I was on my hands and knees rotating for a long time, I had a long bath, even rotating in it. I had 2 paracetamol and used breathing to manage the intensity. Several hours later I remember thinking I was very constipated and I ate lots of figs!

My husband, who had attended a Lazy Daisy workshop (thanks Jennie!) with me as well as Kelly’s hypnobirthing sessions, was very supportive. He made sure I was drinking and eating – I ate soup while on all fours as well as brushing my teeth! My husband called Kelly again and she said she’d visit in an hour or so.

The intensity was increasing and I was struggling with the tens machine as I’d reached the maximum. I later learnt that Kelly had been delayed. On her arrival, she examined me and told my husband to get a couple of things from her car quickly as ‘you’re about to have a baby’! Shortly afterwards I got into the pool and the relief of the water was immense. After breathing and following Kelly’s instructions of when to push if I felt the urge, I felt my waters break and not long after I felt myself tear, along with the relief of the baby’s head birthing.

Afterwards Kelly said the two tears were inevitable because the baby had his hands on his face, just as I’d felt in late pregnancy! When my baby came out of me, the relief was tremendous. I nervously picked the baby up as instructed and was met with a rush of emotions – pride, nervousness, relief… It was 4:25pm.

I checked and saw, without much surprise (instinct?) that the baby was a boy. I remember just looking at my husband in disbelief that we’d created this gorgeous little boy!

We stayed in the pool while Kelly did some checks and then after delayed clamping my husband cut the cord. I got out the pool with Kelly’s help in a most undignified manner, while my husband held our baby. After some skin-to-skin, Kelly said it was time to deliver the placenta. With a few pushes, but a little more effort than I’d anticipated would be needed (though I didn’t care as I now had a gorgeous little boy!) it was out. After checking my tears and confirming with the second midwife, Skye, that stitches would not be necessary, Kelly made me a smoothie with a little of my placenta, as I’d arranged with her in advance.

Both Kelly and Skye stayed until I’d had the required wee and settled into bed.

I didn’t expect to manage a home birth (it was my ideal but my hospital bag was ready) or manage with so little pain relief. Credit must be given to great support, hypnobirthing, breathing techniques and the powerful pain relief of water.