I found out I was pregnant just after moving out (literally just! – 2 days) with my partner of 9 years. We were filled with a mix of emotions but one thing I was already certain on is that I wanted to go with One to One and I wanted a pool birth.

My mum is a midwife, so I grew up with extra knowledge around birth and pregnancy from what I heard and learned from her.

I ignorantly didn’t fret or worry about the labour more the afters; of how I look after and raise a baby! I was even lucky enough to watch a One to One home pool birth with my mum as a midwife for one of my best friends, so my mind was already made up before I was even pregnant.

My midwives were Philippa and Kim (my mum) and I felt so at ease and supported by both of their friendly and caring natures. I could ask all my weird and silly questions and even share a laugh at the really silly ones. Appointments were flexible around my work and my partners work and extra support was only a call/text away.

Nearing the end of my pregnancy both midwives would keep each other up to date so they would be both available ready for the labour. The pool was available to me from a week before my due date, so I was prepared in any eventuality. My waters broke Wednesday, 8 days after my due date but no other signs or symptoms. I was supported and well informed of procedure and expectations following my waters breaking, however I was supported with my decision to wait up to 48hrs before looking at induction/hospital admission (my biggest worry).

Once my labour did finally start on the Friday at 4pm it came on very strong and fast. My partner moved the furniture and prepped the pool and my midwives shortly joined due to my quick contractions. The room and mood was kept quiet and calm with low light – following Hypnobirthing also provided by One to One and labour progressed for 7hours at home. Philippa took the lead as we had planned and was soft and kind to me throughout even when I was short and sharp and growled through very intense and quick coming contractions. Unfortunately, there was signs of infection, so I had to take ambulance up to Colchester hospital, once in the hospital I only laboured for around another 1.5hrs when my beautiful baby boy was born naturally, even though he had turned back to back – I feel during the ambulance ride as there was no indications prior to this. The hospital midwives and doctors were wonderful and supportive however I feel some of their decisions and instructions were unnecessary (having to be on my back multiple times though this was very uncomfortable, and I was more comfortable on my left side) however they did support me to complete my natural birth, even when I begged and pleaded for a epidural.

After birth infection was found in my little boy which eventually turned out to be Strep B though I never showed any indications of this in pregnancy, and so I had to stay in hospital for a week with my boy. Long story short- due to the Strep B it is advised that any future births would take place in hospital and I will follow this advice, however I will definitely go with One to One again for all the antenatal and postnatal care as I don’t feel I could receive such excellent and personalised care under hospital limitations.

I recommend them to all my friends and colleagues and will continue to do so. Thank you Phil and thank you Kim (Mum) x