It was 7.50 PM and my waters went as I was putting my younger 3 children to bed. I kissed my son and daughters goodnight and sent my husband Adam a message to ask him to come home from work. My contractions were coming around every 9 minutes at this stage and felt a lot like period cramps.

Adam arrived home around 8.10 PM and I decided to have a bath whilst Adam filled up the birthing pool in the living room.

Whilst in the bath my contractions became more regular and slightly more intense, so I decided to go and relax in the living room.

Around 9PM I decided to get into the birthing pool and watch Bridget Jones diary. I had fairy lights on the walls, and I was breathing through the contractions with Adam rubbing my lower back. I was feeling very relaxed and excited at the same time.

At 9.40PM I asked Adam to phone our midwife Kelly. Kelly came straight away and arrived at our home around 10.15PM. I asked Adam to put the Foo Fighters on. Kelly was able to assess me whilst I was still in the pool. Kelly reassured me everything was progressing well and our baby would soon be here. I asked Kelly if I was able to have some gas and air, as the contractions were now only a couple of minutes apart and quite intense. Adam got into the birthing pool with me and rubbed my back and encouraged me to breathe deeply through the contractions. Kelly kept me positive reminding me that I was soon going to meet our baby boy. Another midwife Lucy arrived to also lend support.

I could feel I needed to push so I told Kelly that I needed to push and she said to listen to my body and she leant over the birthing pool to support me. I asked Adam to stay close as I began to push. I let out 2 moans as I felt my son being born. Adam was the first person to hold him. He lifted him up to Kelly and Kelly placed him onto my chest so that we had instant skin-to-skin contact.

It was 10.50PM on the 22nd September 2016 and our beautiful baby boy Jack was born. I held him in my arms and looked onto his eyes and felt so much love. I decided to stay in the birthing pool for a while until Jacks cord was cut. After Jacks cord had been cut I delivered the placenta and Kelly and Lucy helped me out of the pool. Adam had skin to skin with Jack whilst I went to put a nightdress on. I came downstairs and Kelly and Lucy had tidied a lot of the living room. I had a check up whilst lay on my sofa and then I had cuddles with Jack whilst Adam made us all a well-earned cup of tea. While Kelly and Lucy filled in the paperwork, Adam and I had cuddles with our beautiful son on the sofa. It was the most amazing experience of my life.

Jack was my first home birth and I wish I had chosen to of had a home birth with all my babies. Throughout my pregnancy I came to think of Kelly as a friend. She taught me a lot about pregnancy and birth that I hadn’t known before. I felt a lot more in control of my birth and Kelly gave me the confidence and support to go ahead with my home birth.

The One to One team are amazing and they treat you like family. I will be forever thankful to them. Thank you One to One.