On the 18th of May 2015, I was sat on my mums couch after getting dropped off by my partner before he went to work, because I was feeling a little weird. After two hours of sitting on the couch and having what I thought was Brixton hicks, my mum decided to call Karen because they where 6 minutes apart.

Karen was at the house within a few hours and examined me, I was 1cm dilated, so it was time to prepare!

It was 3 weeks before my due date, so we still had a few things to get! I rang my partner and told him to meet me at home and when we got back he went out and collected the last bits we needed e.g. hose, hose connector and of course gas, because of course your going to need plenty of that when filling up a birth pool!!

With the remaining 40p that we had in the meter, Karen told me to run a bath while she went and got the gas and air. By the time Karen got back I was in the bath and Liam had just got back with the gas card, he put the card into the meter to find the card had decided to choose that day not to work! After a call to the company and me being in blind panic after being told ‘an engineer will be out in the next 4 hours’ there was a knock on the door 20 minutes later! Once that problem was out the way, my partner attached the hose to the tap, to find it wouldn’t fit! An hour and about 50 buckets full of water later, the birthing pool was up and full. I had been using gas and air at this point sitting on my own couch, watching my own TV, having a nice chat and munch with my mum and midwife.

I found the contractions really easy and once they started to feel a bit niggly I got into the pool and it eased them right away. After about a hour I decided to get out for a while. I chose not to get examined so I could just get on with it instead of feeling disappointed if their was no change, but by 6pm my contractions were so close together that I got examined and was told it was nearly time.

I walked into the kitchen where my mum had set out about 20 candles, which where all brought by everyone who came to my baby shower, so I had their presence in the room with me. The lights where dimmed and my partner had my favourite playlist on the speakers. I got into the pool and was so relaxed. My step dad arrived at 7:45pm, which is when everyone decided to start taking ‘selfies’ with me in the pool sucking on gas and air!

What I loved most was Karen left me to it. She would come in, check the heartbeat and go back into the living room to do her notes. It was such a calm environment.

At 8:15 it was time to start pushing. I felt confident but after the first push I felt like nothing was happening. I started to lose it and felt I couldn’t do it. I had everyone in the room with me, my partner was leaned over the side of the pool trying to calm me down and the next thing I hear my midwife say ‘Liam, your on fire!’ I turn around to see the bobble on his beanie/hat (please don’t ask why he was wearing this inside!) was in flames where he had leaned over the candle! I thought he was going to throw himself into the pool with me! After that it was really time for the baby to come. I started to lose it saying I couldn’t do it, which is when Karen simply told me ‘then don’t, regardless he will come on his own, it will just take longer!’ This gave me the motivation to just do it. I was advised to push down while taking gas and air during a contraction, so I did. The next thing I heard was Kelly, the second midwife say ‘Here’s the head, oh he’s here!’

One push and my gorgeous little boy was out at 8:48pm. I picked him up out the water and my partner threw his arms around the both of us. He was perfect and straight away we had skin to skin, no tears and no stitches!

By 10pm I was wrapped up on the couch with my newborn baby boy eating a McDonalds cheeseburger. I could not of asked for a better birth. I will never forget it. Thank you so much One to One midwives, we are the happiest we have ever been. Xx