My first labour, 7 years ago, was very quick and I didn’t enjoy the hospital experience, so on hearing about One to One a few years ago I just knew that was what I wanted for my next birthing experience. I just loved the idea of a personalised experience, someone you could build a rapport with and get to know like a friend. Upon meeting Ellie Smith, me and my partner felt that she was the perfect midwife for us and our baby.

She was friendly, calm and reassuring in answering any questions we had. Throughout my pregnancy, I looked forward to each visit and I was able to text or ring Ellie in between these if I needed any extra support.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I attended a hypnobirthing course ran by Lisa, something I would highly recommend. After a couple of days of labouring on and off, Ellie going to and from my house, my waters finally went. I knew that labour was imminent, but the day went by and I only felt the odd braxton hick and so thought nothing of picking my son up from football at 4.30. However, while waiting at his school for him to finish I felt a couple of strong contractions and within 10 minutes they had become quite intense and regular. I dropped him off at his Dads on the way home and made it through the door just as they were coming almost constantly. Jord wasn’t home, Ellie wasn’t due back on shift for another 5 minutes and I began panicking about me giving birth alone!

I contacted Ellie’s buddy Sally who rang Ellie to ask her to get to me ASAP. Jord walked through the door a few minutes later to me shouting at him to blow the pool up and me stumbling around in intense pain trying to light candles and put my music on. I ran a bath while waiting for the pool to help with the pain, as I was now unable to speak or stand still. Ellie rang and confirmed she was on her way and she was going as fast as she could. I jumped in a shallow bath, but it was satisfying enough and so went down to the pool and although not completely filled, jumped in anyway. The water was so soothing and Jord had managed to get my music, lavender and candles on for me. I felt panicky that Ellie still wasn’t there and I was getting the urge to push. Just then Ellie pulled up outside and as Jord opened the door for her I shouted for gas and air.

As soon as Ellie walked in I felt an overwhelming sense of relief and calm. ‘I’m here now, everything is going to be ok’ she told me. She gave me some gas and air and listened in to baby’s heartbeat, which was still perfect. I began to relax and the panic stopped. My breathing became more regular and I listened to Ellie as she guided and supported me to push my baby out, which only took a few minutes. As Florence was born, Ellie told me to lift my baby out of the water, the first thing I did was to look at whether it was a girl or boy! Girl! Perfect!

After feeding her in the pool and delivering the placenta naturally, I had a shower in my own bathroom and Ellie helped me get dressed, as I was a little wobbly. Then we all sat chatting, drinking tea and eating toast. All while I was cuddling and breastfeeding my little girl of course and I just thought WOW, it seemed surreal. The whole experience was just amazing!

Couldn’t have done it without the dedication and support from Ellie, Sally and Lisa who all supported me at one time or another throughout the labour process! I shed a tear when it was time for Ellie to go after 6 weeks of fabulous postnatal care, but I’m already looking forward to the next time 🙂 xx