After my first birth in hospital and it being quite traumatic for me, even though it would have been classed as a perfect labour, I knew I didn’t want that to happen again and decided to go with One to One Midwives.

My first meeting with my midwife Debi Brunt went amazingly, the ease of the midwife coming to your house where you are comfortable makes life so much easier.

We spoke for a few hours about my previous labour how I coped, how my partner coped and what my expectations were. Debi was very realistic and knowledgeable.

I instantly felt at ease and wanted the home birth. My partner on the other hand wasn’t, his main concern being that I delivered our first very fast and thinking the second would be even faster. Debi spoke to him about all the scenarios that could happen and managed to put my partner at ease with the idea.

At my 20-week scan we discover our daughter had a multicystic kidney, and we would need to go to hospital to have frequent scans to monitor the kidney and the baby. I was devastated as I felt it was something I had done that had caused this, but the team at One to One and Debi couldn’t have put my mind at ease more. They explained it to me and even accompanied me to my hospital appointment.

On my last scan at 39 plus 4 I was abruptly told that I would be induced and be giving birth in hospital. I explained that I had decided on a home birth and my midwife was fully aware of my situation and had spoken to my paediatrician who was more than happy to have me deliver at home. The doctor was quite rude and stated I should have a hospital birth but didn’t explain why. So, I stuck with my decision of a home birth.

On March 18th I went into labour. With my partner by my side and my midwife Debi it was very relaxing. We filled the pool, listened to music and chatted. I felt very relaxed and safe, and at one point we were all convinced that I wasn’t in labour as I didn’t stop talking or eating. At 5:50PM my contractions started and at 6:27PM my darling Layla was born. Very quick and also very calmly compared to my first labour.

After the birth we cuddled on the couch while Debi pottered around and gave us space to both meet our new baby girl, and for my first child Jacob to meet his little sister. It felt so nice to be at home and comfortable, to relax together and not worry that if we were in hospital Mark would be asked to leave and I would be alone like the last birth. The next day when Debi visited to check how we were all doing Mark said how worried he was at the thought of a home birth, but it was one of the most relaxing and amazing experiences of his life.

I would highly recommend One to One Midwives. The service you receive is so personnel, and the care I received, and the support was second to none. I can’t thank Debi enough for all the support she has given me throughout my pregnancy and since Layla was born.