As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a home birth, after not having a very nice experience with my first after she was born in hospital and I’m so glad I did! Kate was extremely supportive and talked me and my partner through everything and it just made sense.

So, 2 days after my due date I had a sweep and luckily after a few hours my contractions started very mildly. I didn’t say anything to anyone just in case it turned out to be another false start, but as the night went on they kept on coming slowly getting stronger and more regular.

At this point I had told my other half but as it was still very early we went to bed as normal hoping that the contractions would carry on and not stop.

Around 3AM I woke my other half up as they seemed to be getting even stronger and more regular. So, we went downstairs where the lounge was all prepped for our home birth and my mum came to pick up our first.

I was adamant I wanted to ring Kate, but my other half was holding off (he could tell I wasn’t as far along as I had thought) after 3 hours of being downstairs I made him ring Kate and she said she would come out. I was a little bit naive as after Kate being there for a while and then giving an examination I was only 3cm dilated much to my disappointment. So, Kate went reassuring me she was only 20mins away, to rest and call her once they were stronger.

I tried to have a sleep but was too uncomfortable so had a bath which helped the pain a little. When I got out of the bath the pain had increased a lot, so we rang Kate again who said she was on her way as at this point I felt I needed gas and air. At around 10AM Kate arrived and at this point I was upstairs as I wanted to be close to the toilet, I had another examination and was 6cm, but my waters still hadn’t gone. I asked Kate at what point she would pop them for me as they waited a long time with my first and that knackered me out. She said to give it two hours to see how I go and if they hadn’t gone naturally then she would pop them for me.

So, two hours had gone with me swaying on the pull up bar we had attached to the door frame and trying to bounce on my yoga ball (but that was too uncomfortable) and they still hadn’t popped.

Kate examined me again and I was 8cm dilated and I asked her to pop my waters, which she agreed to do explaining all the risks etc. So, it was now 12pm and my waters had gone, I continued to sway and use the gas and air when I felt like I need to go to the toilet, so I tried to go but nothing came out but I felt a lot of pressure. I told Kate I thought his head must have dropped down as I keep feeling like I need the toilet, but nothing was happening.

With that I went back to my pull up bar in the door way, I had three very intense contractions and felt like I had to lift my leg while shouting I’m pushing (while thinking oh my god I’m about to poo in my hallway). But much to all of our surprise as my leg lifted up his head had come out, I had another big contraction (while holding on to my other halves neck) and the baby turned (at this point I felt like my legs were giving way but my other half held me up), I then had one more big contraction and our gorgeous baby boy was born at 12:37PM (we think it all happened a bit too quickly).

I remember looking down and just seeing my baby on the floor and asking if someone had managed to catch him in time, bless Kate, she caught him all while trying to put her other glove on.

It was just so lovely having him at home. Once the placenta was out, I had a nice shower got into clean clothes and got back into bed with little man and the other half, then not long after his big sister came to meet her baby brother for the first time – it was just perfect. So relaxed (and quick) and everything I wanted. I cannot thank Kate enough.