I had heard of One to One before I got pregnant, but didn’t use them until just after 20 weeks. I was given the lovely Donna, who made me feel welcome on our first visit, answered all my questions and I couldn’t wait to tell my partner everything. At my next visit I then had Becky, who was going to be my midwife from then on and I’m so glad she was!! It felt like I was just having a catch up with a friend at every check up.

My daughter Scarlett loved ‘Dr Becky’ and my partner got on well with her and it was so nice for him to be involved, I don’t think he ever met a midwife when I was pregnant with my first until the birth. I don’t remember when the idea of a home birth came up, but I loved the idea- and Mike was happy with it also. Becky answered all my questions and reassured me when I started to maybe change my mind.

With my first it was a quick birth, she had got a little stuck coming out but I managed it with no help. So as you can imagine I thought the same thing would happen again. Becky just made me think of the bigger picture, I would be more relaxed at home, I could have the water birth I have always wanted and I would have all the support (which I really didn’t have with Scarlett at hospital).

I was due 10th September and by the end of August, we were all sure that this baby would be here sooner rather then later… that didn’t happen. The 10th September came and I had a sweep and was 2cm, so I got on with my day thinking she’s going to come tomorrow I’m 2 cm wooo!! Sunday came nothing. Each day passed and I was so fed up everyone else was having there babies! I had another sweep that week and was 3cm, but still nothing. Saturday the 17th September – 7 days overdue we were getting ready for Scarlett’s 3rd birthday the next day and I just knew she’s going to be her birthday present.

That night baby was being super lazy again so Becky came over and checked on us, and all was good. She then suggested another sweep so of course I said yes! 3/4cm this made me so happy and Becky said she could tell this one was the one. She then got on with these Mexican moves that would get baby moving, at which point Mike walked downstairs and thought what the hell is going on haha! Becky left around 8.30pm and I went off to bed. Sunday 18th September, 1am, I woke up needing the toilet so off I went but I knew something wasn’t right. I kept needing to go constantly. I sat on the edge of my bed and by 1.30am I was timing contractions, they were coming every 3 minutes lasting about 50 seconds. I could breath threw them but I needed to focus. At 2am I woke Mike up and said I think its time. He just mumbled and fell back to sleep, so I woke him again and said I’m going downstairs bring the fan its time.

As soon as I got up and walked downstairs it all hit me. I was leaning on the sofa doing my breathing exercises. Mike came down and I just needed him to rub my back constantly, whilst getting him to phone Becky and my sisters and mum and set my pool up. Becky answered straight away with ‘is it time’. By 2.30am my twin sister had arrived and was helping me whilst I was sat in the bathroom with my waters slowly leaking. Becky arrived a couple of minutes after and I could get my hands on the gas and air. Mike and Becky set the pool up where we realised the liner didn’t fit so we just had to use without, and my mum and older sister arrived. Scarlett woke up with all the noise going on so my friend managed to come and pick her up. By 3.10am I was in the pool loving the gas and air.

At 3.24am with the help of my amazing birthing partners and my amazing midwife, Lola Indie Walker arrived earth side – star gazing and weighing a huge 11lb 1oz. I couldn’t have asked for a better birth and Scarlett received the best present ever – her little sister.

With the help from the wonderful MaMA Julie I have also fulfilled my wish to breastfeed Lola.

Thanks to Becky also for helping me with my Placenta Smoothies. I so glad I chose One to One, Thank you.