I attended hypnobirthing classes with my husband before the birth of our first child in March this year. I was quite nervous about the birth but wanted to have as natural as possible birthing experience and use just gas and air.

The hypnobirthing course was excellent as it taught me how to manage the pain naturally using breathing techniques, visualisations and positive confirmations.

I practised the techniques and began to relax a bit about the birth as i now felt i had some tools to help me get through it.

My labour started at 9pm on a Thursday evening. I started using the breathing from the beginning and labour progressed throughout the night with contractions about ten minutes apart. I managed to get some sleep as well which was great. When I got up in the morning, the contractions starting getting a bit closer together but then went off for an hour or so. When they started back up again they were about 6 or 7 minutes apart. Rebecca (my One to One midwife) called me to see how I was getting on and said she would come out when the contractions were consistent for an hour. I called her back shortly after to say not to worry because they had dropped down to 15 minutes apart. At this stage the contractions were lasting for 2 minutes or longer and felt intense.

My mum dropped by and told me to keep busy and keep my mind off the contractions by baking a cake so I did! The contractions continued but were varying between 7 and 15 minutes apart. It was only when I passed a bit of blood that my husband told me to call Rebecca. When I spoke to Rebecca she said she would come out anyway as she could tell I was a bit distressed. When she arrived she examined me and I was fully dilated! I had gotten to that stage on 8 paracetamol over the course of 16 hours and all thanks to using the hypnobirthing techniques I had learnt. We made it to hospital and even had time for a water birth which was an amazing experience. Baby Sam was born at around 7.30pm and was fit and healthy.

A big thank you to both Rebecca and the girls who ran the hypnobirthing course. I can truly say my labour and birth experience was a positive one and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The cake wasn’t the best though according to my mum!!