It’s tinged with a bit of sadness that I write this (totally in a good way!) that I only found One to One midwives and my lovely midwife Kim, when I was pregnant for the last time! – we don’t plan to have anymore as our family is complete! I would’ve loved to have had the same continuity of care with my last 2 pregnancies.

My experiences could’ve been so different. My first two labours felt very stressful, the first lasted over a day and stopped at 7cm. So, I needed to be induced.

The next was quicker but being kept waiting at every point to get to labour ward. Then I had to go to theatre to deliver the placenta. I didn’t want this to happen again.

When I first decided to go with One to One it wasn’t my intention to have a home birth at all. I felt slightly uneasy about the thought of it. But the more conversations I had with Kim the more I thought this is what I wanted to do. I didn’t want the stress from my last two labours. Kim give me all the facts and every opportunity to ask as many questions as I needed too. Kim made me feel so at ease and made me feel that I would be very looked after. I was convinced that if I was calm and comfortable everything would go according to plan and avoid any complications. Just had to get the husband on board!! Which after a few conversations together and with Kim he agreed to go for it.

On the run up to D-day we had a lot of practice goes. Kim was there at every point giving advice and telling me to keep her posted. 5.15AM on 22nd November I woke with cramping which straight away seemed to be every 5 minutes so at 5.45AM I called Kim to tell her. Kim arrived swiftly and immediately set about helping get the room set up and comfortable. She was there at every point making sure me and Noah were doing ok. Even thinking to ask me if I wanted to give my eldest 2 children a kiss goodbye as they went off to school. Everything seemed to be going really well, I was coping well with each contraction. This made me think I can’t be that far along and it was going to be ages before I met my son. Only for five minutes later to hear Kim say the head was going to be out anytime! This gave me an energy boost to keep going! By 9.07AM my beautiful son Noah had arrived! Swiftly followed by the placenta completely naturally! The whole experience was amazing! I’m so glad I went for it! And to be able to sit on my own sofa with some toast having my first cuddles with my baby boy was the icing on the cake!

We had a rough time with feeding it turned out Noah had a posterior tongue tie which resulted in poor latch initially and left me in a lot of pain. It also caused slow weight gain and Noah took a little longer than normal to get back up to birth weight. But with the support from Kim and Amanda (one of the MaMAs) were still breastfeeding 3 months down the line. His tongue tie was snipped, and I was pain free a week later! If I hadn’t of had those two ladies at the other end of the phone ready to come and see me at short notice if I had asked them to, we wouldn’t still be on our breastfeeding journey now. Thank you Amanda!

I need to say a huge big massive thank you to Kim for being there for us. You really do feel like part of our family!!