Disappointed didn’t even come close after begging two consultants for a home birth with my first pregnancy. It was a huge blow to my confidence and to my ideal birth plan that I had envisaged.

We had IVF and were classed as high risk and after a huge amount of hospital appointments we really wanted to be in the comfort of our own home when our very special baby came along.

We finally agreed to have a hospital birth and discharged ourselves the same day.

After a problem free delivery first time and minimal time in hospital, I thought the second time round the consultants would be a little more forgiving for me to wanting to have a home birth. The answer was a stern NO, it was far too risky in their eyes and there were no guarantees for mother or baby. I wasn’t defeated yet….. Someone locally had recommended One to One and even if I ended up having a hospital birth I would at least still see the same midwife and have some continuity with my care throughout my pregnancy.

From the minute I spoke to Amanda at seven weeks pregnant I knew we were on the same page and both wanted the same thing, a successful happy home birth. Not only was she supportive of my ideas but took time to come to see my consultants and try to rationalize with them regarding my plan of action.

I can proudly say now that we have a healthy bouncy boy that was successfully born in our play room at our home with Amanda, Jo (the midwives), my sister, husband and of course his big brother.

It was truly an amazing experience and a birth to write home about. We know home birth isn’t for everyone, but I was just so pleased that I had a team that backed my plan from the start and did everything they could to make it happen. To have someone believe in you make’s all the difference to a birth experience, five weeks on and we can remember everything like yesterday and we hope we will forever.

Thank you team Amanda and Jo, we are indebted to you!